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I was heartened to walk through Walmart last week and alas there was a Nativity Set. After being critical of Walmart for bowing to political correctness and eliminating the majority of religious merchandise during Christmas a Nativity Set appeared with other small village pieces that were for sale in a local Walmart. A small victory for the puritans of Christmas but alas there was a shortcoming with the display. There were none on the shelves to purchase, only the display could be found. Either this was an appeasement or all the Nativities sold out and if this is the case it is hoped that Walmart understands what a pent up market is out there for the next Christmas season.
What if you heard that there is a nation that is about to be ripped by anarchy from within and this could potentially lead to a major large section of land breaking away from the sovereign nation. The country is ruled by a constitutional monarchy. This means that the country originally had a king and queen but over time some type of democracy was inserted and there is an elected body to share with governing the country.
The citizens of a certain geographical area feel that they are not being fairly governed and are being abused by the central government; however, the central government looks on the citizens as loyal subjects. The government is spending a large amount of money providing security for the citizens. A large military force and government officials are providing support for the citizens. Being a citizen of this powerful country is a privilege and should be viewed as a privilege and not a right. Many of the citizens feel that they are being taken advantage of. Some feel that they must revolt against their government. The central government has dealt with revolts before and they can control calls for anarchy in a quick and ruthless way.
One country has rumbled that they will support the anarchist. France has pledged support if there is a revolt however the United Kingdom is totally against the revolution. Other countries are neutral.
The area that is full of revolution fervor is made up of immigrants that had fled oppression so it is strange that the call for revolution is so strong. The monarchy has provided a safe place to live for all the citizens so it is unclear while there is political unrest. Many speculated that a call to break away is a plea to control of their own destiny.
A loosely formed group of leaders made up of prominent and financially secure individuals have met to hammer out how the breakaway republic will govern itself. This is total anarchy and the centralized monarch will have nothing of it. These revolutionaries are looked upon as dark and it is certain that if they carry on with their sedition they will swing from the gallows. How can they expect to have any success with their ill deeds and why would they throw their lives away for a cause that has no chance of success.
There’s more to this story than just posturing and veil threats. The army that was present to protect the citizens and maintain order confronted a group of protestors. Both were armed and faced off at near point blank range. Suddenly a shot rang out. No one knows where it came from nor who shot first. It can be assumed that the army was well disciplined and would only fire if ordered to do so. The mob fired the first shot. The army returned fire and several revolutionaries fell mortally wounded; fallen by the best weaponry of the day. A mass exit was performed by the anarchist but it was too late.
This story is not a current insurrection but is instead the story of the birth of our own country. How a rag tagged army could be formed and ultimately defeat the greatest standing army in the world is nothing short of amazing. The men that met and drafted the Declaration of Independence did not go the gallows but went on to lead our new country and again drafted another great document, the Constitution of the United States. What enormous leadership.
As we move into 2015 it is hoped that this type of leadership can again explode across our nation. The genes are present in our DNA to stand tall and do what is right for our country. Let’s hope that the rift that has gripped our government can be pulled together and leaders from all political parties understand that we are truly at war with terror while at the same time understand that we have social issues that must be addressed. We have to take a fresh look at how we handle our problems and look outside the box to develop new and unique ways to confront our issues.
For you reading this on New Year’s Eve, this is wishing you a very good 2015. We will have our challenges but I feel that we are looking at a very fruitful year for our country.


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