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This will appear in the Bernice Banner, Bernice, Louisiana, USA WO 11/9/2014

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. This has symbolized the opportunity for a new beginning; a possibility that we have some form of control of our futures and that beginning begins today. That new day will formally begin in January and informally it is taking place today.
On January 3rd, 2015 the newly elected members of congress will take office at the national capital in Washington, D.C. When the oath has been given the balance of power in Washington will change and there will be numerous new bills introduced that will reflect changes to the direction that the country will take. While many think that there will be a swift reversal of recently passed legislation, this will probably not happen in total. Instead there will more than likely be changes to existing laws and it is hoped that the changes will follow logical negotiations that look to the wellbeing of our great nation.
Many candidates ran on Immigration reform. Others ran on stringent rules to deport all undocumented, illegal, aliens without regard to job or status. To make the situation even more complex our president has declared that there will be immigration reform and he will use presidential orders to make the reform happen with the same results that he wants to come out of congress. This action will be non-conducive to healing an ailing country. What it will accomplish if citizenship is allowed will be to add hundreds of thousands oo new voters that will be loyal to one political party and thus artificially tilt the power base of our country.
Instead of passing or forcing major legislation based on political outcomes let’s look at what is best for the country. First it could be financially catastrophic to deport every undocumented worker in our country. The vast majority of these workers are filling a needed position in our economy and if removed we would have a void that would be detrimental to our country. Secondly, a person can work in our country, pay taxes, be guaranteed to certain benefits without being a citizen. We do not need to grant citizenship and thus not allow a worker to be granted the right to vote. What we do need to do is to get a massive existing work force documented and allow them to legally work within our borders. They will not be allowed citizenship and any felony conviction will lead to immediate deportation after receiving punishment for the crime. At the same time allow future workers to be admitted on worker status only and this is based on the work force requirements. We also have to pass legislation and fund the legislation to secure our border. We have to make sure that the people entering America to work are going to be responsible workers once in our country.
ISIS and terrorism in general is going to bring a more complex twist to our nation. We have to pass the legislation that shows we will take the lead to this crisis and not hang back and hope that the problem will go away. Our past mistakes of pacification for extremist and lack of understanding the hatred of America by these extremist groups must be realized by our leadership in Washington. The past six years of attempting to be friends with terrorist groups and thus receive peace is now understood to be non-effective. Our “stick the toe into the water to test the temperature” approach to committing troops to a crisis has to be changed to committing troops as required to kill a cancer.
The war on terror could lead to a constitutional crisis between the executive branch, the president, and the legislative branch, congress, as we try to live up a decree to not commit troops to any war and yet send “advisors” to help existing foreign armies fight their battles. Memories of Viet Nam are being kindled as I think of being in the eighth grade watching a movie on advisors in Viet Nam and then going myself six years later. We cannot let political promises forged six years ago influence the issues we face today.

The bottom line is that we have a golden opportunity to pull our country together and once again become the beacon of success to be admired by the world.


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