America has been growing for about two hundred and fifty years. During this time we moved from being viewed by Europe as a great agricultural experiment to becoming the greatest industrial and technologically advanced country in the world to now becoming a country that leads from behind instead of the front. Our great nation provided leadership that taught a planet that a country will thrive if it provides opportunities for its population and allows the population the opportunity to try to develop new and innovative jobs and technologies. This is not saying that America guarantees success, it is saying that America guarantees the opportunity to try. We have applied this doctrine with religious tolerance. There is no guarantee that a specific religion will thrive in our country. There is a guarantee that a specific religion can practice its’ doctrine without being encumbered by rules from the government. There is no decree that the government will insert itself to provide equal time for each religious doctrine at a public forum. Nor should government insert itself as a mediator in religion to make any guarantee based on rules established by the government. In other words, the government should not be involved in religions actions other than to provide an opportunity for freedom of religion to be practiced.
Our country has been moving away from independent American individualism that built our country. Instead of allowing individuals to try and fail or try and succeed, government is inserting itself to insure that everyone is comfortable. The problem with this philosophy is that is stymies creativity and destroys a capitalistic nation. The worse example of government control is communism and we see what ultimately happened to the Soviet Union. A lesser stringent approach to government control is socialism and we have witnesses how this has strangled Europe over the recent years.
A friend of mine in Saudi Arabia, Ken Evans, was euphoric as the European Union was being formed. He gloated as he told me how Europe would be the greatest industrial entity in the world with a single currency and it would not take long to get there. He was British and was proud of what was coming. That was over twenty-years ago and Europe has had some hard times and some countries are even considering scrapping the single currency. England has taken more and more steps to move away from socialism. The only reason that we have not outpaced Europe even further in economic development is because we have endeavored to move toward socialism. Instead of embracing the culture, laws and traditions that have made us so great we have thrown much of this away and adopted the European doctrines that have brought a downturn to a marvelous continent.
Fortunately, we can see a couple of subtle changes to our society that tells us that the American spirit that originates in the gut of the average American is still alive; albeit quietly constrained. Several years ago it was decreed that prayer would not be allowed at the beginning of athletic events. I sat in sadness as I recalled just before football games, standing on the field, helmet under an arm, head bowed listening to a prayer coming across the stadiums loud speaker. This provided a comfort and raised the spirit as I realized there was a greater power looking out for the participants. After a time of absence some schools had a moment of silence and then there was a “few words to be spoken” before the game. Finally, I feel that we have come back to our senses as we begin our games with a prayer. Cheers for sensibility.
Government control of our daily lives through regulations is strangling our great nation. The EPA is being manipulated at times to regulate parts of our country in a way to meet political doctrine and not fulfill the original tenants of the administration. This is one reason that ammunition manufacturing is shutting down in American. The result is jobs and manufacturing moving overseas. This move increases the cost and availability of ammunition and thus provides one level of gun control.
High taxes are hurting corporate growth in America. This is a job killer. The short term affect is an increase in tax revenue. The long term affect is corporations moving overseas and new corporations opting to be formed in other countries and never being founded in our great nation.
There is a backlash that is developing and it is not designed nor orchestrated by some central group. It is the American voter and it is unfolding in front of us at this time. America has never witnessed a standing president being dissuaded from attending campaign rallies like we are experiencing today. So unpopular are the policies of our current leadership in Washington that it is determined to be a detriment to have the president show up to a rally. The voters are the silent majority that will ultimately determine the roadmap for our country.


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