At the time this article is written the mid-term elections are undergoing last minute attempts to influence the voters to cast their ballots for a specific candidate and then get the voters to the polls. By the time you are reading this the elections are over and unless there is a runoff in one or more states, the balance of power of the United States Senate is determined and thus the balance of power of the legislative branch of the greatest government in the history of the world may have changed.
One of two things are certain; either the Democrats did not lose control of the Senate and Washington maintains the current balance of power or the Republicans gain control of the Senate and the columns of the capital will shiver as the world watches what happens as Washington shakes up its’ power structure. What has to be realized is that if the Democrats lose the Senate America can be viewed as either a country of immense leadership or a country mired in political grid lock and conflict.
If the Democrats continue to hold control of the Senate a golden opportunity presents itself and should be understood by both parties. America has spoken and it has decreed that we will have a Democratic Senate. What America has also declared in conversations outside of the election process is that it is tired of the gridlock that has stymied our great country and wants the childish bickering to end. Let’s hope that the mid-term election provides a breathing point for our national leadership to use to realize that the number one priority is our country and not a blind acceptance of one’s political party.
If the Senate is lost to the Republican party, there are several scenarios that will face our leadership. One possibility would prove that America has maintained the poise and character that our leadership has been famous for. This would require that the party leaving office to depart with grace and dignity. Provide philosophical departure comments and not the adversarial rhetoric we have become use to. Let’s hear words of closure that can help to heal an ailing country.
If would also be hoped and expected that if the Democrats lose control of the Senate that there is a dedicated effort by both parties to make the transition as positive as possible. No childish antics that makes the transition difficult but instead a legitimate offer to assist the newly elected Senator with the new job. The electoral have voted so let’s accept the wish of the constituents and help the forward movement of the country. It has been identified that many of our presidents will call their predecessors and ask for guidance in difficult situations. Wouldn’t it be a novel idea for members of the Senate to do the same. I’m afraid that an adversarial campaign and deep party ties will preclude this.
The worse situation that we can experience is that the Senate is lost to the Republicans and the Democrat transition is vindictive and appointments and presidential decrees become rampant as individuals, some unqualified, are put into positions to load Washington with members of the Democratic Party. This serves no long term purpose for our nation and will only lead to driving a larger wedge between the two prominent political parties of our country. From and international perspective, this would only serve to reinforce the new view that America is bogged down in internal strife and is losing its edge as a world leader.
These are desperate times for our country and it is time that we take the leadership role that we have so famous for. Let’s hope that our newly elected Washington leadership understands that the future of our country and the world may well be in their hands.


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