Finally, after months of terror, genocide, indiscriminate murder, children beheadings and women being turned into slaves the United States is officially taking ISIS serious. Even though we appear to be sleepers that have finally woken up to the fact that ISIS is for real, there are even other stronger indicators that prove that we are dealing with more than a terrorist organization.

Contrary to what many perceive, Saudi Arabia as a country is a nation of passivism when it comes to armed intervention and cultural eccentricism . Cultural eccentricism depicts one country seeing itself as being superior and trying to force its’ culture onto another country. Not so with Saudi Arabia. In general the Saudi population is peaceful in nature and tries to be non-confrontational. There are some fanatics within the country just as there are fanatics in every country. Unfortunately for the country the boldest terrorist, Osama Bin-Laden was from a Saudi family that originated in Yemen. He was considered one of the lower statussed sons and was thus not a part of the mainstream family. It is also speculated that the largest contingent of ISIS fighters are from Saudi. Saudi is concerned that not only they have an internal problem but the spread of ISIS is only a territory away. Due to this concern Saudi Arabia made a bold decision to allow an anti-ISIS training camp to be built within its’ country. For a country that prefers to negotiate instead of retaliate and to subsidize its’ own protection, the establishment of a training camp within its’ own border screams the urgency of this situation.

ISIS is made up of volunteers that have had some very good training, funding and indoctrination. They kill without compunction and they do not represent the religion that they profess to be killing for. The draw for the conscripts is that they identify themselves as the voice of Islam and the warriors against the decadent West. This is appealing for a generation of young Muslims that see themselves as being oppressed and listening to a small group of fanatical religious zealots at local mosques.

According to the CIA, ISIS has representation from as many as eighty countries. Among these countries are Norway, America, Canada, Somalia, Korea, China, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and other European countries such as Germany, England and France and from the Southern Hemisphere, Australia. No one is immune to the recruitment activities of ISIS. This recruitment is very professional and from the movies and photos available on-line it is apparent that atrocities depicted are not presented by an amateur public relations individual but instead by a well-orchestrated professional production group. ISIS is winning the war of the multi-media and there is speculation that a major contributor to this development is and American-turned-jihadist.

Another alarm that went off last week was the size of ISIS. Converts and recruits are streaming into Syria where the training and indoctrination is conducted. This is where the largest targets are congregated and provides the best opportunity to disrupt the growth of the organization and this growth is expanding at an alarming rate. Not only are foreigners joining the ranks of ISIS but Iraqi children as young as eight and nine are going through training and being prepared for battle. This was an Al Quida approach but they did not implement this approach to the extent that ISIS is bringing children to its ranks. Several weeks ago it was estimated that ISIS had about ten thousand men in its’ army. This has now been updated to be between twenty and thirty one thousand troops. This is a huge number, a big discrepancy from the original assessment and shows how this movement is growing and growing quickly.

While the United States is gaining momentum for a coalition to combat ISIS, timing is now paramount. We can’t wait for every country we want to be involved to come on board with the coalition. We will have to expand the coalition as the war expands. Speaking of war, it is now time to stop the rhetoric on semantics and the use of the term WAR. We are at war and we are waging it in a way that we are not planning to put ground forces against ISIS.  We used the term Cold War with the USSR without firing a shot so let’s forget beign politically correct and let’s just be correct. If it is important then let’s make it clear that we are serious and the President needs to request an act of war and congress needs to approve this request. Then we will be taken seriously around the world and America will be applauded by freedom loving countries everywhere.

One thing is sure, we have to hit ISIS and hit them hard and hit them hard today. Destroy the training and supply sites in Syria and destroy the combat troops in Iraq.


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