Today it was reported that American aircraft had launched its’ 121st air strikes against ISIS. While some think this is good it is in fact deplorable. To win this war we need to launch that many strikes in a day. As Patton stated, “grab em by the nose and kick em in the ass”.

This ISIS is not just a rag tag mob that is stealing and pillaging. This is a well trained army that is well funded and has a large following with no conscience.

What to do? Develop a coalition of all freedom loving countries. Include America, England, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, India, Canada and all other countries that will provide air power in support of the destruction of ISIS. Yes, I said destroy and not just contain. Set up forward bases in Kuwait, Iraq and Turkey. Get air power committed from local countries such as Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan. Then hit them and hit them hard.

Provide arms and training to the Kurds and leadership support for the Iraqi troops and get weapons into the hands of the Syrian revolutionaries with the understanding that they take up arms against ISIS as well as the Assad government.

Go after the money. Locate and eliminate the funding for ISIS.

Erase all borders. Tthere are no geographical lines when it comes to hitting ISIS.

Today another reporter was brutally murdered. Let’s show the naysayers that ISIS has awaken the sleeping dragon.


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