This will appear in the Gazette, Farmerville, Louisiana, USA the week of August 25th.

Farmerville once had the Joy Theater as the only movie theater in town. It was the highlight to so many in our community. One summer night just before starting the eighth grade I met some friends and we watched some “B” movie that portrayed advisors in Viet Nam. In our innocents we didn’t even understood if the good guys were from North or South Viet Nam and surely such a rudimentary war would soon end. Little did I realize that I would become a participant eight years later. How did this slow build up spin out of control and become one of the great catastrophes of our country.
Last week my son handed me a bundle of baby blankets that contained my first grandson. I swelled with pride as I gazed into the eyes of my own name sake. Over the week this overwhelming emotion waned as I realized that he could be inheriting a world far more dangerous and far more stressful than anything our nation ever experienced. Unfortunately, if something is not implemented very soon this new world order will last for not just a few years or a lifetime but for generations to come. This horrific future for such a wonderful country rests right on the shoulders of the current generation and American leadership.
Years ago I stated that we needed to act in Syria to support revolutionaries to topple the Syrian regime. We didn’t and the civil war continues but even more compelling is the rise of ISIS from the numerous factions fighting the Syrian Assad regime. America still had an opportunity to take a leadership stand when Syria used chemical weapons on its’ own citizens. The world held its’ breath as a threat from America to use force if chemical weapons were deployed. This time came and went without action and America was being viewed as becoming a country of empty rhetoric. Then ISIS was thrust onto the world front last winter. Years before WWII began a commentary in a U.S. newspaper referred to the growth of the Nazis in German as not being a problem and the Nazis in Germany was more like a group of Boy Scouts than a real concern for the world. The United States again made the same mistake earlier this year when the President stated that ISIS was like a JV squad. Putting on a Lakers uniform does not make a person Kobe Bryant. What a complete misunderstanding of what we are up against.
Months ago I stated that we needed to hit ISIS and hit them hard and stop their spread across Iraq. Several weeks later we did hit them in surgical contained strikes with very good results. The thing we must also understand is that this is not a rag tagged group of thugs that take the field of battle like a gang from Southeast Las Angeles. No this is a well-trained, well-armed and well-funded force to be reckoned with. The more success ISIS has the more powerful it becomes. The more powerful it becomes the easier it is to recruit young energized converts around the world to its’ ideology. This is a growing menace that is exploding in popularity. The consequences are a world at war with an adversary that will be entrenched as an army in the middle east with terror cells operating within the territorial boundaries of all freedom loving countries throughout the world. This must be stopped and it must be stopped now; not in few months, not after trying to negotiate and appease, right now. This is far more serious than Al Qaida following 9/11.
How do we accomplish this defeat of ISIS. It won’t be easy and it gets harder by the day. First, we must take the fight to it. It must be made clear that geographical boundaries are erased in relationship to ISIS. We have long respected international boundaries and the rights of countries to live within their own laws, customs and traditions. ISIS changes everything. ISIS does not respect these boundaries and will use this as a way to deploy terrorist activities. If a legal country allows ISIS to exist within its’ borders, that country assumes responsibility for military actions against ISIS. Let’s start with a coalition of free nations by hitting ISIS leadership in Syria with devastating air strikes.
We must control our own borders and prevent possible infiltration.
If a country does not actively work to stop ISIS within its own border, foreign aid is stopped in full.
ISIS funding is coming from the oil fields of the mid-east. Develop our own energy sources and quickly. Support fracking and the Keystone Pipeline and become energy efficient.
Last, lets regain and provide the world leadership that has been the hallmark of our country for over two hundred years.


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