Over three years ago I wrote an article stating that the United States needs to flex its’ muscles and bring a quick end to the Syrian crisis and persuade the government in Damascus to step down. Don’t fire any shots or put boots on the ground but threated to supply weapons to the dissidents in Northern Syria and further threaten the use of air power. At that time the United States’ foreign policy was being brought into question by the world and our leadership was beginning to be scrutinized; however, we did have the clout that had been bestowed on our great nation for over a hundred years.
Today well over a hundred thousand civilians are dead, America has lost much of its clout, we allowed Russia’s Putin to become a world leader by our lack of action and we now face the greatest terrorist threat to the world since the beginning of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the late 1940s. This threat is ISIS.
ISIS suddenly appeared earlier this year swooped out of Syria and into Iraq with a vengeance that is reminiscent of Ghingas Khan swooping out of Asia to defeat European armies like a swarm of locust descending on Egypt in Biblical times. His army not only defeated its’ enemy but it brutalized the captives with mass executions and torture. These acts of barbarism quickly spread and armies would coward in front of the horsemen from the steppes of Asia. Only after Ghingas Khan died was his army stopped. The same tactics and speed of conquest are now being displayed by ISIS. They continue to take land in Iraq and threatened Christians and moderate Muslims with death if they do not conform to a strict Islamic code. This threat is to be taken seriously as photos of mass executions of Iraqi soldiers and decapitated civilians are seen across the internet. Had we taken control of the Syrian conflict three years ago the ISIS regime would not have had the opportunity to form and this would not be happening today.
Several weeks ago I wrote that we must forget negotiations and political dealings as ISIS was pouring across Iraq. Instead we needed to hit the terrorist quickly with air power as they were continuing their onslaught of Iraq. At that time the enemy had much less territory than today and they were moving in the open thus providing a better target. Unfortunately the United States waited and finally last Friday we did strike but not before ISIS controlled an area of Syria and Iraq the size of Great Britain. This would be size of England, Scotland and Wales combined and they did this in less than eight months.
Today there are thousands of Christians and moderate Muslims besieged on a mountain in Northern Iraq. This has finally pushed our current administration to the limit that even it cannot tolerate. The United States is dropping humanitarian aid to the civilians and we are hitting selected ISIS targets. The problem is that ISIS has grown so strong and so widely dispersed that they will be difficult to stop by air power alone. We must arm the civilians and provide some sort of hope for the Iraqi army. The moral must be rebuilt and the delay in support has had its effect on demoralizing Iraqi units and bolstered the moral of ISIS units.
There are two factions that we have to support and support immediately. We need to get advisors onto that mountain and drop military weapons and ammunition to allow the civilians to at least defend themselves. Today they must feel like the Christians at Masada when being besieged by the Romans. After a long and bloody siege the city committed suicide instead of falling prey to the great Roman Legion. Let’s hope that our intervention will prevent this type of catastrophe or genocide.
Likewise the Kurds of Northern Iraq are a very loyal and independent group that are under attach. There can a formable fighting force to support American interests if we would provide the support
There is more to this story than the horrendous acts we are witnessing today. In the Middle East a person is admired by his power and an organization or country is viewed in the same manner. After Desert Storm George Bush was defeated as President of the United States. The typical Saudi would tell me they could not believe how such a strong man could be rejected by the American voters. Today, ISIS is seen as the all-powerful and if it is not defeated we will have the birth of a true terrorist nation that will grow in popularity and strength among the youth of the Middle East. Then we will witness one civil war and resurrection after another across the region with the ultimate prize being our own country. Resources we would otherwise use to educate our children, build our roads and bridges and continue to grow our great economy will be diverted to fight this terrorist nation that will have consumed the Middle East and will be slowly spreading across Europe.
If we do not stop this global threat today, in the deserts of Iraq and Syria, the world as we know it will be a far more hostile environment for our children and fortress America will be under continual siege.


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