The world is in chaos and it only takes a few minutes in front of the television tuned to any news broadcast to reinforce this belief. ISIS is swarming across Iraq and threatens peace around our planet. Israel and Palestine is at war while Afghanistan is now being slowly overtaken by the Muslim extremist, the Taliban. Our economy is slowly clawing itself out of the depths of financial despair while the affordable care act threatens our own world class medical industry. Add to this the apparent fact that Washington is in grid lock and had become very ineffective. With all this negative news it is no wonder that we have a tendency to feel despair when we think of the future of our great nation. Breathe a sigh of relief. Even with the dire straights of the world we do have a bright future and our own community is living proof of this.
Recently I woke up to the blare of my television that was left on as I dozed off to sleep. I rubbed my eyes to see a good looking young couple being interviewed on Fox and Friends. When the words “Harvard” and “Cake in a Can” came across the television I realized that this interview hit home. John McCallum, wearing his signature bow tie, and his colleague were displaying their invention that won praise and prize at Harvard. This invention, Cake in a Can, will revolutionize the ability to prepare cupcakes and cakes in a way that will make the activity both fun and labor saving.
The same week that John was on national television, Jenny Burnham was highlighted in the New Star for her new position at the Biedenhorn Museum. A very good compliment for a young Tech graduate from Farmerville that will be supporting a premier museum in North Louisiana.
As John and Jenny were being identified for their accomplishments, the Louisiana Watermelon Festival had just completed. This festival has come far since its’ beginning fifty-one years earlier and this appeared to be one of the best. While festivals appear and then either languish or disappear, the Watermelon Festival continues to grow and is a premier festival in our great and sovereign state. Credit for this success lies with the youth of our community by virtue of the JCs. They are the drivers that built and maintains the local event.
We are in a much better position than we sometime think. Take a look at our young men and women that have inherited the world that many of us helped to build. While they are taking over the greatest country in the history of the world they are also inheriting some pretty bad restrictions that their parents never had to face with the magnitude that they will have to face in the future.
Government restrictions and regulations will make it much more difficult to continue the growth of a nation in a precipitous rate that previous generations had to face. The inability to easily gain funds for new businesses will weigh hard on the young entrepreneur that has a bright idea. The environmental constraints will far outweigh the benefits and industries and the country will suffer. It is amazing that an intellectual bureaucrat with little or no practical experience is empowered to write parts of a bill that has major impacts on a congressional law that will affect millions of people when the bill is passed. Unfortunately this over extension of government intervention is the real reason to feel pessimism.
Are regulations and restrictions required and does America benefit from them. You bet they are; but only when tempered with common sense and a clear understanding of the negative effects that over regulating can lead to. In the 1950s it was common practice to put salt water from producing oil wells into the streams of the Deep South. Regulations were required to control this activity that was poisoning much of our natural beauty and timber land. Regulations have expanded to a point that due to environmental concerns we can now not bring oil into our country from Canada and transport it to refineries in Houston. The pendulum has swung too far and in this case if the Keystone Pipeline is not built to Houston, it will be built to a port in Canada and shipped to refineries in Europe and Asia and we will be deprived of a cheap source of oil. Just an example of over regulation.

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