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When I was out in the desert on some project my piping superintendent and I were talking. He was a former SAS member and was part of the elite unit when England was turning over control of many of its’ territories to become sovereign countries. We talked of abuses in most wars and how history is often skewed and he made the statement that it is said that the victorious country writes the history. It is not always victorious countries that rewrite history. Hollywood also has this ability and on occasion does so.
Recently the movie Noah was released and was widely attended on the opening day. I looked forward to watching the movie for two reasons. First it was being billed as a box office blockbuster. The second and most importantly was because it brought back to the big screen a Bible story that was one of my favorites when growing up. After a long absence, Biblical movies were beginning a comeback. From critics and attendance statistics it appears that this is a blockbuster but from telling the actual story of Noah it has fallen short. The term Lord and God appears numerous times in the Bible in the story of Noah but not once in the movie. Deleting the term of God from the story of Noah would be synonymous from Buddha being written out of a movie depicting the moral and standards of conduct followed by the 16th century Samurai warrior or not including the word Mohammad in the story of the Moors invasion of Spain. While the Bible explains that the world is drown to purify it from sin Hollywood depicts the cause for the end of the earth to be caused due to man’s harsh treatment of the environment.
When Charleston Hesston performed in his epic movies “The Ten Commandments” and “Ben Hur”, Hollywood kept pretty much to the actual story line. Yes there were literary licenses taken but that was more to fill parts of a story that had gaps and not to change the true story.
Today in our fast paced technologically expanding culture, in depth reading is becoming lost in our day to day life style. Instead of in depth review of a subject, we are looking for nuggets of information and then fill in the blanks with what we thing the blanks should be. It is easier to go to a movie and in less than two hours become a subject matter expert based on what was shown on the big screen. This is where the danger lies. Hollywood has the power to change history.
The story of Noah is not the first movie that Hollywood transformed a story to meet the needs of a financially driven industry. In 1991 Oliver Stone produced the movie JFK. Stone took the story of New Orleans District Attorney’s Jim Garrison’s attempt to uncover the JFK murder conspiracy. He took a legitimate story and sensationalized it to a point that it distorted much of the investigation and disparaged the reputation of several loyal Americans. Many viewers took the movie at face value and thus fiction became fact. Even “B” movies of the fifties and sixties rebuilt murders and robbers such as Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Bonnie and Clyde to become folk heroes.
The bottom line is that when Hollywood depicts a subject line of significant importance, look at it with a grain of salt. Go online and see what the real story is.


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