Phil expressed his opinion, a little crude maybe but that proves that what you see on the show is what you actually get. No facade there. Instead of suspending Phil A&E should have come out with a statement explaining their own belief, distancing themselves from Phil’s commentary but expressing the rights of an individual to speak freely without fear of retribution. Then it would have been understood that Phil and A&E had a different philosophy when it comes to Homosexuality but each respects each other’s right to express their own opionions. This could have been turned into a PR coupe and displayed good leadership and tolerance. A&E did a knee jerk reaction and unfortunately no one will be a winner.

  1. surpie1940 says:

    As has Cracker Barrel “blown it.” No more dumplings for me! Apparently, Cracker Barrel did not learn anything from Chick-Filet.

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