The Constitution of the United States of America is one of the most powerful documents created by man. It is amazing to think that the authors of these dynamic words were assembled from the back woods of a country viewed by its’ European owners as primitive and lacking culture and education. What was not understood was that the independence required to uproot a family and move to a new land took a unique individual and this type of person was a requirement to carve out a nation such we are now citizens of.
When our founding fathers assembled in Philadelphia, created treason against England and carved out the document that anchors the laws of our great country, they were actually influenced by the writings of a man that lived ninety years prior to the Constitution Convention.
John Locke was an English physician and philosopher and was considered to be an early enlightenment thinker. Thomas Jefferson directly adopted some of Locke’s writings to include the notion that man is entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Jefferson added to this unique philosophy that the government will insure these tenants of the constitution are protected.
John Locke influenced many parts of our early crafting of this great nation. One aspect that he wrote about was his view of tolerance. While we have prided ourselves at keeping the American Government separate from the religious institutions that freely worship without bias within the boundaries of our country, there is no denying that the Judeo-Christian influence was paramount in the early days of our government’s development. Locke’s writing of tolerance are not to be denied and his “Letter Concerning Tolerance” is a hallmark describing how man should be tolerant of man.
Locke stated that “toleration to be the chief characteristic mark of the true Church”. He went on the say, “The toleration of those that differ from others in matters of religion is so agreeable to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to the genuine reason of mankind, that it seems monstrous for men to be so blind as not to perceive the necessity and advantage of it in so clear a light.” In essence, we need to be tolerant of others beliefs and live in harmony in the land of the free.
The intent of this guarantee of tolerance was intended to insure that the majority does not impose its beliefs and religion on to the minority. Unfortunately, this has been lost in translation and a politically correct society has turned the table on the laws of the land. Instead of allowing institutions in the minority to freely display their brand of society without retribution, we are now seeing that the minority are declaring that the majority cannot practice its own beliefs because the differ from the minority. Unfortunately a large segment of corporate America has cowered down to the protests of minority groups who claim that their rights are being violated and the government should be tolerant toward the minority and not allow the majority to practice their beliefs. I boiled to exploding last night when I heard an atheist state that Christmas does not need religion and Christ is not the reason for the Season and religion should be stripped from the holiday. I am tolerant of this man’s belief and our countries doctrine guarantees that he can believe however he wants. But, at the same time I have the same right to worship as I wish and Christmas is a religious Holiday that is a part of our countries culture and after 225 years, should remain untouched within the confines of our society. Christmas plays in schools are not intended to convert children to the doctrine of Christianity but is intended to tell the story that the holiday is based on. So why it being banned across our country. If it is offensive to a small minority, then the minority does not have to participate; that is acceptable. To ban the play is not acceptable in a tolerant country. The same is said for other presentations and displays that have been a part of our culture for so many generations.
This year I have again walked through our local stores to see what is available to the consumer that represents the true meaning of the Christmas Holiday; i.e. nativity scenes, wrapping paper, etc. I use to buy a new nativity scene each year to celebrate the special occasion. All I could find was a small nativity scene at our local Dollar General store and two gift bags at the same store with scenes from Jerusalem. No other store carried anything that told of the story of Christmas. It’s not the lack of the Holy Birth at the large department stores that concerns me as much as the lack of leadership within the executives to let this attitude of political correctness take root and manifest itself within our great nation.
Speaking of leadership, how bout them Farmers and the leadership of the team and especially the Union Parish Coaches. Coach Spatafora has developed the leadership formula to not only build a championship football team but to build a league of young men that will move into society and become the next generation that will navigate our country through many new and unique challenges. Great job Farmers and congratulations to the 2013 Class 3 State Champs.

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