Leadership is defined as providing direction or guidance; to direct the operations, activity or performance. While a leader is defined as the capacity to lead, a person that leads.
For American Leadership, we look to our elected and appointed officials to first provide the correct leadership that upholds the principles established by our founding fathers. Secondly, American Leadership requires the person that makes a decision to live up to the consequences of the decision.
My personal experience as a project manager is that the buck stops with the manager. He is the leader. There is no deflection of bad performance nor throwing blame to someone else, the buck stops with the leader and the project manager should accept the consequences. Also, if a project is successful, the project team that made this happen should be acknowledged by the manager for the accomplishments of the project team members.
Unfortunately this stand-up style of leadership is being replaced with buzz words, side stepping of questions and deflecting the true issues presented as questions at press conferences. Two major issues have been presented last week to identify this lack of leadership.
The Affordable Care Act referred to as Obamacare has been rolled out in a method that is nothing less than a disaster. This needs to be acknowledged, identify the specifics of what will be done to make this work and stand up and say this is a problem. This has not been done. Instead, no one will say this is my responsibility and I take responsibility for the consequences. Direction is not provided for the American populace and the lack of information and responsibility is as bad as the actual failure of the failed computer entry system. So where is the accountability and is this a repeat of the Leadership demonstrated for the Benghazi fiasco?
Good leadership requires the ability to make decisions that are based on good judgment. An understanding of the consequences of a bad decision must be understood and weighed against the gains that will be achieved from this decision. One of the worse examples of international relations was uncovered last week and has put the United States into an even greater position of low esteem among the rest of the world and especially Europe. Intelligence gathering is normal, even among friendly countries; allies. Years ago I read in shock of how Israel, had been caught spying on us. It was then disclosed how friends actually did spy on each other to insure their own protection and it was considered as acceptable, but frowned on. Unfortunately America crossed the intelligence line and fell to a new low when it decided to spy on the elected officials of the governments of Europe. German is furious as is Italy and France. Never have I witnessed the rhetoric displayed by these leaders when referring to America and the bonehead decision to spy at this level. A friend doesn’t wiretap a friend. To make matters worse, we don’t accept that we were wrong. Instead our leadership says that at this time and going forward we will not spy on our allies instead of saying that we made a very bad mistake and will make amends to insure this never happens again. More sidestepping and Teflon coating the true issue. I think the ultimate answer to this problem is to get back to a country that prides itself on honor and integrity.
As a side item, I remember as a child returning from Shreveport along HIghway 80. There was no Interstates at the time. My father pointed to a house and said that was the porch they laid Bonnie and Clyde’s bodies so that people could come by and see them. Of course I asked who was Bonnie and Clyde. I just saw that the History Channel will be presenting a two night history of the notorious outlaws that operated and were killed in our area in the 1930s.


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