The key to the success of a company is to control a specific market. When this control is achieved the company is then in a position to better manage quality, price and thus influence the consumers that use the products. Positioning the company to control a market takes strategic planning and dedicated resources to insure that the strategic plan is executed correctly.
An example can be seen with a popular chain store. When there was originally heavy competition the store offered a premium line of products plus a good variety of a discount brand that undersold the competition. Over time the chain store took over the market and the competition was slowly eliminated. When the market was for the most part under the control of the chain store, the lower priced and lower profited goods began to disappear from the store shelves. Centralized control of the market was taking place and this began to control the behavior of the local shoppers. The store believes that it knows what the consumer wants and the quantity that should be provided. Then the problem arises from this centralized planning, the actual products are not totally in line with the consumers desires and then the quantity is not adequate for consumer demands. Customers begin to look for other sources for their desired products; however, with the competition being eliminated before other stores become available and the free market will eventually insure that the consumer will get what they want, at a quality that is acceptable at the best price available without long check out lines. But what happens when the provider of goods and services does not operate in a free market and continues to dictate what the consumer will receive, regardless of cost or quality. This happened in Russia at the height of the Communist regime and it was not a pleasant existence. Centralized planning could not adequately forecast the needs of the populace and manufacturing output could not stay in sync with what bearcats in the central government decided the Russian citizens needed. Instead of the market dictating quality, cost and quantity; a group in Moscow made these decisions and it didn’t work. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening to a country that prided itself on individualism and decentralized governmental control; our United States of America.
The American citizen is famous for its’ compassion and generosity. This is at the individual citizen level as well as rebuilding an entire country. It seems natural for our government to show compassion to its own citizens and nothing is more apparent than the recent law known as the Affordable Care Act; Obamacare. While the intentions are good the results are going to be disastrous.
Centralized control does not work and this is especially true of a country the size of America with a population as diverse as ours. For a collection of bureaucrats sitting in an office in Washington to decide what medical care a person should receive, and then determine how to manipulate the entire population to fund the medical program smacks the country in the face of what built this great nation. When we hear that a 70 year old man’s insurance contains funding for maternity, then we know that we have a problem with the program. Forget the SNAFU with the deplorable roll out of the computer application that allows a person to look for and then order insurance. This is reparable and despite the out-of-reality cost of this bureaucratically managed system, it will eventually work. Unfortunately, since it is government sponsored and the government is funded by the taxpayers, the American citizen will receive the bill. Also, it will soon be discovered that many of the parts of this law are flawed. Instead of fixing the flaws to be competitive like a corporation has to do in a market economy the government will simply impose new taxes and/or decrease medical service. In the meantime, corporate America will continue to remain confused and leery to make any major hiring decisions until a clear path is provided by our Federal government. Our world is changing so why don’t we continue the change and change ti back to the values that thegretest nation in the world.

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