For you that are unaware, POTUS is the code name of the President Of The United States. It is a commonly known that respect is earned and is not demanded; obedience is demanded. By virtue of the leadership displayed by the office of the Presidency over the more than two hundred years the position has been in existence, there is automatic respect for the man that sits in the oval office and administers the duties of the head of the executive branch of the federal government. There have been times that I did not vote for a president and times when I really didn’t like the man that was elected, but he was still the POTUS and I did respect his position and on occasion the leader was my commander in chief. Unfortunately things have changed in Washington.
We are facing a crisis in leadership and this is brought about by the core values of our democratic country being challenged by our own leadership while the noble office of the presidency is being demeaned by negotiating domestic feuds over a bottle of beer while the world is ablaze with war in two countries while our county was sinking into economic chaos. In the early days of our presidents first term there was a situation where a black liberal professor from an ivy league school had a confrontation with a white policeman. It made the news but not until the President stepped in did it get blown into a media circus. The President of the United States had the two come to the White House to sit down and have a beer and discuss the issue and settle their differences. A noble gesture for the press to cover but the leader of the free world should have more important things to negotiate. This issue could have been better handled by others with less pressing issues at hand.
Unfortunately this characterizes an even broader misuse of power that has grown to a point that not only is America scratching its’ head but the world overall is questioning if America is where the world should be looking for leadership. It seems that the best thing going for the presidency is the public relations organization that provides the Teflon that allows key negative issues to slide by without attaching itself to the office. Benghazi, a slap in the face to any man or woman that wore the uniform of the U.S. Military, has been kept at arm’s length from the State Department and the Presidency. What a blunder and no one is held accountable and the live survivors have been mandated by our government to not tell the story of what actually happened. The worse abuse of power that I can ever remember was turning the IRS loose on the Tea Party and other conservative organizations. This must be one of the greatest travesties of misuse of power from our government since we locked up thousands of Japanese Americans at the beginning of the war simply because they were descendants of immigrants from Japan. How can a government founded on the principles of a government of the people, by the people and for the people use a federal agency as a tool to intimidate and admonish political rivals.
And now we have recently had a tragic incident in which once again the President has weighed in and looked anything but presidential. Three months ago statements were made by the president in the Trevon Martin case that displayed a leaning of the leader of our country toward a biased side of the case. The day the verdict was handed down and was not what was originally hoped for, press secretary Andrew Carney stated that the President has no comment . Two days later the president addressed the country and used the case to attack a Stand Your Ground Law that he wants repealed even though the law was never used in the trial. The case was twisted and distorted to provide a platform for a popular law in Florida that is not to the Federal Government’s liking. Where is the honesty in such actions, the honesty we have come to admire and appreciate from the office of the President?
If none of this seems to be a major concern to you at this time then just wait. I would like to speculate that there will be more to come over the next three years that will perk your ears up and the erosion of the America we have loved to enjoy will continue. What it is I have no idea but just as we had IRS, Bengasi and FBI suppression, there will be other scandals on the horizon. And each time this happens the world looks at us a little differently.


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