Following a glorious holiday such as the 4th of July there is an emotional low that makes it slightly difficult to get motivated to find a subject to write about. This time it didn’t take long to pick my subject of the week. Actually this week I would like to look at two subjects. Each one is mutually exclusive and one is federally related and the other is locally related.
Two years ago I discussed the conditions in Syria and how we need to make a statement as a nation in support of the oppressed civilians protesting the dictatorship of the ruling family. Several months ago Senator John McCain stated that we should have done something in the early days of the uprising and it may be too late. Today I looked at several magazines and the haunting message was the same, we waited too long to support the now-rebels in Syria. There are now over 19,000 dead and our current arming of the rebels may well back fire on us. Two years ago we could have intervened with a suggestion that we would get involved and thus precipitate an early conclusion to the dictatorship. Today we must provide weapons to the rebels that are fighting for their lives. Unfortunately, we may be arming the same individuals that have sworn to destroy Israel and the United States. This may turn into another fast and furious debacle only at an international level. Not a good situation for our State Department to be in and not an easy explanation to deliver to American if this blows up in our faces.
Now Egypt has provided a very unique situation for the good ole United States. Hosni Mubarak was ousted as the ruler of Egypt. His ousters wanted democracy and the United States supported the protesters in what is known as the Arab Spring. Mubarak, a staunch supporter of the United States and the only out spoken Arab supporter of Israel’s right to exist was gone and Egypt held democratic elections. To the horror of the free world the planet was introduced to President Mosi, a leader of the Arab Brotherhood. This is an organization dedicated to destroying Israel. It is also dedicated to forging a pure Islamic state. After one year in office Mosi has been overthrown in a military coupe that was sparked by protests in the streets of Cairo. Now for the dilemma faced by the American State Department and the leadership in Washington. Do we support the lawfully elected president of Egypt, even though he represents everything that we are in conflict with in other countries? Or do we support the military ousters of this leader and promote the removal from office of elected officials by a coupe? Anyone that knows me realizes that I am not one to stand by and wait for things to play out before taking action; but that is exactly what I am recommending. This is a no win situation for us and Instead of active involvement we should be using our trump card behind the scenes. There is a rule that we cannot provide foreign aid to a country that has a government installed by virtue of a coupe. We give well over 1 billion dollars to Egypt and a major part of this is for the Egyptian military so let’s make it very clear to the Egyptian military that we expect quick and fair elections. At that time we will resume the foreign aid for the military. We then maintain a close relationship with the Egyptian military and insure that the country continues to move to democracy while removing the Arab Brotherhood from the leadership of Egypt. At that time we can say that the United States State Departmenthas done a good job.


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