The Snowden whistleblowing/espionage flight to nowhere has highlighted three major concerns with this case.

The first is the abuse of power the Federal Government is displaying when so many records of personal conversations have been archived by a government that was founded and built on the tenants of by the people and for the people. Americans should not fear the government and the capturing of personal information smacks right in the face of our constitutional rights. On the other hand the Federal Government is responsible to protect America and many feel that capturing these records helps with the ability to keep the populace safe. Unfortunately, the size of the data capture and the lack of oversight as to how this information is used probably outsized the requirements for national security

The second problem I see with this is that a lower level contracted NSA employee had access to this classified information and the fact that he took this information to the press and other governments is quit disturbing. Had he gone to a congressional oversight committee, his claim of whistleblowing had merit. Going to a foreign government has no merit for whistleblowing. Instead this young man is a traitor to the United States and should be brought to trial on a charge of treason.

The third problem I have is that China has snubbed its’ nose at America and did not turn the traitor over to America. Snowden has been allowed the luxury of freedom and it can be felt that he has assisted China by providing valuable NSA secrets for the security of a safe haven. His plane has now just landed in Russia. That means the Russia has provided a visa to travel there and is probably welcoming Snowden. This welcome is for two reasons. The first is to acquire the knowledge that Snowden has pertaining to Americas ability and extent to capture data on individuals and countries and secondly to prove to America that Russia too has power and if America wants Snowden then it will have to formalize a request that Russia provides the man. Putin is probably gloating at this situation.

Now for Snowden’s travel plans. It appears that he is booked on a flight from Russia to Cuba. What a horribly embarrassing situation for America if he makes it to Cuba. Not only will we not be able to get him out of his comfy new home 90 miles from America, but America will have to negotiate with this 50 year nemesis to Liberty and Freedom.

What an interesting situation to observe. Whatever the outcome of where Snowden will call home, America has been dealt a major blow to its’ honor and integrity and the way we are viewed in the world.


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