“TIME” Magazine recently highlighted a perspective of American society by proclaiming “Me, Me, Me” on its’ cover. When we see professional athletes that seem to care more about the check than loyalty to the team that developed the individual it is viewed as a normal business decision and loyalty has no place in this. The same can be said of our business environment.
The day of walking in the front door of a company on the first day in the labor force and then walking out the back door to retirement is fast becoming a figment of our imagination. Business realignment and employment movement for better financial conditions is quickly replacing the womb-to-tomb employment concept of a generation ago. Some view this with a pessimistic view when in fact it leads to more efficiency in a fast moving economy. The one industry where loyalty does transcend all else is the military. This loyalty above-all-else permeates throughout our military units and is displayed in highly publicized missions such as Bin Laden’s raid, Black Hawk Down, actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and the day-to-day life of a member of our military. These fine individuals put duty, honor and country above all else and many give the ultimate sacrifice without regard to their own wellbeing.
But for those naysayers out there that feel that America is at the end of its’ road and that selfishness is the way of the culture I would like to point out that America is at its best when we are in our bleakest hour. Several recent incidents have occurred that helped to reinforce the benevolent spirit in a country that many have written off as the great agricultural experiment in capitalism that has proven to be a failure.
Recently, our community was rocked with the death of a local athlete. The outpouring of support to the family and to the memory of this young man was heart felt. Then it slipped out that a professional athlete from North Louisiana had contacted the family and wanted to pick up all funeral expenses. This was a totally selfish act that was not intended for any benefit of the professional. He did not do this for publicity; he wanted to keep it private It was an act of kindness offered during a time of need.
Last week a devastating tornado hit Oklahoma with massive loss of life and property. Within hours, trained individuals were pouring into the state with relief efforts. The real humanity displayed came from the thousands of citizens that sent donations to help reduce the grief and this sent the message that the distressed were not alone. North Louisiana’s own Trace Atkins was immediately on radio appealing to America to provide support to the Red Cross while Carrie Underwood sent a cool million dollars. Now how good is this?
Think back about recent hurricanes and how Americans reached out to help and it becomes clear that all is not bad with our country. When our back is against the wall America is at its’ best. We proved it when a world was in jeopardy and the industrial might of the United States coupled with a mass mobilization saved the world for freedom.

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