Posted: May 19, 2013 in thomas t fields jr.
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The United States is not only the greatest country in the world but it is the greatest nation that has ever existed in the history of mankind. We far exceed the greatness of the Egyptians, the might of the Romans, the governmental developments of the Greeks and the might of the Mayans. Our territorial expansion is not as magnificent as Alexander the Great’s empire gains or the colonial expansion of the seventeenth and eighteenth century European countries. America’s lack of conquer and control is more of a virtue than a failure of the United States and has led to respect of America from many nations.
We are currently facing a crisis that is displaying an image of the United States that is contrary to the appearance that took two hundred years to build. Two years ago the mere threat of United States involvement in Syria would have had a major impact on the situation and could have led to a quick solution to what is now a civil war. At the time two hundred and fifty civilians had died. Today it is estimated that over eighty thousand are dead and today the United States will be unable to intervene without potentially a large cost of American lives and money and the world is beginning to look at us with questioning eyes. But as bad as this foreign policy failure is, three other governmental failures are filling the air ways.
The Benghazi issue is problematic for any man or woman that feels that America takes care of its own. Failures of the government to adequately understand the dangerous situation in Libya, the lack of support to besieged American under fire and then the cover-up that followed the debacle that led to four American deaths is heart breaking. It can only be imagined what the two former SEALS had going through their minds as they painted the enemy positions with lasers thus identifying targets for American missiles that were never delivered by relief aircraft. At what point in the siege did the wounded patriots finally realize that there would be no rescue and the optimism drained from the men as they realized their fate. Then when discussing the follow up investigation it was noted “she didn’t lie about it, she was not under oath”. Does a person have to be under oath to tell the truth? What has happened to integrity? Can our government act with impunity and not be held to the honor and honesty that has been a hallmark of our existence. I don’t think so. This brings up another black eye to our country that we are faced with today.
America is built on laws and many of these laws address abuse of power and the protection of the American citizen from government abuse. It has now been broken to the press that the IRS had targeted certain organizations that requested tax free status. So flagrant was the violations that this act is totally hostile to a country that was built on equality for everyone. Targeting a group of organizations due to political affiliation is scary to say the least. Government must be help to a higher level of integrity and this unfolding situation must be rectified in an effort to regain some semblance of honor to our political system.
The third incident facing our government is the Federal Government tapping the phones and e-mails of the Associated Press. The government used national security as the reason to acquire these private documents. Again, this highlights a big brother phenomenon that has become a style of governmental control that threatens the pillars of free spirit that our country was built on. When a people is micro-managed from a central control point, all actions of the people will need to be monitored and controlled. Unsuccessfully attempted by the Communist Party in Russia, managing a country from a central control point does not work. Allowing a free market to control the fate of a nation is the only way to tactically make changes that are required by the country to grow and thrive


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