This will appear in the Farmerville, Louisiana Gazette, Farmerville, La, USA on May 1st.
For several years we have been languishing in a recovery from a recession that had seen no equal since the great depression. This recovery has been slow and painful to the average American. While recessions are not so unique in a capitalistic society, one key part of any recovery is an accelerated growth in employment and a vigorous recruitment effort from corporate America. Putting an unemployed or underemployed workforce back into full employment is the true catalyst for economic recovery. This is not the case in the current recovery and unfortunately the American government is thwarting this growth by attempting to provide all-things to all-people from a centralized control point; Washington.
America has historically been characterized as being comprised of a uniquely independent citizenry that is motivated to provide for themselves while being driven by an inherent belief that they are provided with a chance to be anything they aspire to be. An unconscious bond is formed between business and the job seeker where business provides the jobs that allow workers an opportunity to make a living while providing an environment for a workers development and promotion. Unfortunately this is not as prevalent today as in past economic recoveries.
The new government-sponsored medical plan is intended to provide medical coverage for everyone. Unfortunately this has severe negative consequences to a country that is digging out of a brutal recession. Corporations plan their future business decisions based on an initial one -year and a more strategic five year plan. At the same time individuals that run small companies or are planning to follow the American entrepreneurial spirit and start their own companies must have confidence with America before they make life changing decisions. This ability to plan is being thwarted by decisions being made in Washington. America does not know what to expect and thus how to plan for the future.
Corporations would like to hire knowing that they can expect growth from future revenues. These guarantees are not there and dire consequences are being identified from the upcoming execution of what is referred to as Obama care. Stories are circulating of companies that are reducing hours to less than full time so that increased insurance premiums are not to be paid. Other companies are opting to not pay the premiums and instead paying fines that cost less than the premiums. This will then exclude workers from traditional medical care. The burden of medical service will then ride on the shoulders of a workforce that is already stressed due to slow economic growth and administered from Washington.
Regulations surrounding this one new law are gigantic. When the law and regulations are stacked up on a floor the paperwork is well over six feet high. This amount of regulation adds tremendous strain on corporations, individual employees and the medical organization as they attempt to comply with the new law. Today we are experiencing an exodus of good doctors that don’t want to live under these conditions and this departure is taking place at a time that America is aging and requires more medical services than any other time in our history. And this is only one of many changes in our country that are affecting our ability to plan for future growth.
So in an attempt to be morally correct and provide medical care for everyone, our government has shot itself in its foot and is strangling the country it is trying to help. Do we need to take care of our citizens? You bet we do; this is part of our country and what we are all about. The method to provide this support is no to be regulated with these decisions but instead to give the citizens the ability to make their own decisions and provide a means to execute these decisions.
Once the unemployed are employed we put more money into the economy and thus create more jobs. When underemployed individuals are promoted to positions where they can be more productive new entry level positions open up for the unemployed and thus more money enters the economy and the burden on the government is reduced. What we need is a good dose of employment and a reduction in hurdles that hinder our ability to grow the labor force.


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