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Several months ago North Korea announced that they had launched a multi-stage rocket to place a satellite into orbit. This announcement came from a country that is literally starving its citizenry in order to develop a deployment method for a satellite. I don’t think so. Instead it is more likely that North Korea is developing a method to deploy some type of warhead. The United States, the Japanese that had the rocket cross its country and the remainder of the world were not fooled and additional sanctions were placed on a country that was already burdened with previous sanctions.
The problem with sanctions is that they seldom work. Rulers of a country that have been so unruly that worldwide sanctions are placed on that country will be little fazed. Rulers of this caliber have little regard for the citizens and sanctions only affect these people. The rulers still live in opulence, insulated from the affects of the sanctions. Also, it is important that sanctions could have a negative effect on the countries that impose them. In the case of North Korea, the country is near starvation. If the sanctions become too extreme and the ruling class feels it is in the final throws of control due to civil unrest, the rulers may just rally the country and take drastic measures. In the case of North Korea, this would be an invasion of South Korea. There is no doubt that South Korea, with the support of the free world would be victorious; all things being equal.
It is the “all things being equal” that are now in jeopardy. It was announced last week that North Korea had detonated a nuclear weapon. This now places them in the prestigious, and dangerous, club of countries that possess a nuclear bomb. They now have a bargaining chip like no other rogue state in the world. Following the nuclear test, counties immediately imposed additional sanctions but China has refused to cut off oil supplies to North Korea. That may be the one sanction that would turn a starving country into a desperate starving country and ultimately launch the North Korean Army across the 42nd parallel into South Korea.
Now consider the rocket that was recently tested and add to that the ability to reach Alaska and then place a thermonuclear weapon in the nose cone and you have a missile capable of reaching the United States. This is the first real threat to the United States from a new foreign nuclear county in over fifty years. As bad as this seems this is not the worst case scenario.
I feel confident that The United States of America can insure that North Korea does not use its’ nuclear capacity to harm either America or any other free country in the world. Whether it is through direct negotiations, utilizing the newly developed industrialized China as an intermediary, a clandestine operation or a surgical strike; America will not allow Korea to use a nuclear weapon. The real concern comes from North Korea selling what it has developed.
Four thousand miles to the west of Korea lies the Peoples Republic of Iran. Iran is developing a nuclear weapon. They deny it but rest assured Iran is burning up centrifuges to get the uranium processed in a quantity that will allow the development of a nuclear weapon. Israel declares this will not happen and if anyone can stop them it will be Israel. What can’t be fully controlled is the selling of a nuclear weapon and the missiles that could deliver a nuclear bomb to downtown Tel Aviv. Even if the missile is intercepted and detonates high above the ground the affects could be catastrophic. The sale of nuclear weapons to Iran is the real North Korean threat.
While Israel denies having nuclear weapons it is widely believed that they are truly in possession of the weapon and Israel believes in counterattacks of like for like; only much more intense. So, the real threat does not come from north Korea’s ability to develop and deploy nuclear weapons, its’ their ability to pass this technology to other rogue states. Unfortunately, the by-product of a nuclear bomb is radiation and to the southwest of Iran are the immense oil fields of Saudi Arabia where the prevailing northeasterly winds would deploy the deadly radiation over the largest oil fields in the world.
Next week, how Union Parish got a lake funded in a part of the state that many legislatures had never heard of.


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