For you that have been tracking the stories of December 21st 2012 and the end of the world; rejoice we awoke on the morning of the 21st to find that the sun was shining with not so much as a rumble from the ground, a storm on the horizon nor an asteroid in the sky. Yes, there has been recent sadness but nothing that has spelled the end of the world.
There is something that is hanging over our heads and unless you live without a television or radio you have heard of the impending financial cliff. This truly has consequences to the country in both the short and long term. If the United States government can not pass its budget for 2013, we in effect, according to law, must put into place various cost cutting and revenue generating actions. The lack of our government to come together for the betterment of the country is making these measures almost certain. At stake are higher taxes for everyone. The so called Bush era tax cuts will be removed and Americans will begin paying a larger share of their earned income to the Federal government on January 1st. The unemployment extensions that are provided to Americans due to our catastrophic recession will end. Many entitlement programs will decrease or be eliminated all together. The strongest military in the world will be strangled with decisions on where to cut the spending to our line of defense that keeps us sleeping under a free moon as we lay peacefully in our beds. Social security taxes will increase to a level we saw several years ago.
This set of cuts and tax increases are solely due to a lack of solidarity as a country. The two political parties are so far apart in their beliefs that they are willing to let the country fail instead of comprising on their own political views. The consequences are far reaching for a country that has been the cornerstone of freedom and leadership. Many feel the financial cliff will send us back into recession later in 2013. A weakened military will take several years to be fully realized. As threats to our country grow years down the road, the technology we fund today to develop the military of the future will not be there. Our children will be inheriting a military that does not have the sophistication it once had. The single most detrimental aspect of our inability to reach financial compromise will be the loss of confidence in the United States of America by the rest of the world.
What our country and ultimately the world needs today is strong leadership; leadership that puts the betterment of our country before all else. One man in the white house and one strong leader on the house floor is not enough. It takes a collection of all that are in Washington today to make this happen. Our founding fathers were from unique backgrounds with different ideals that came together to provide the leadership to build a set of loosely confederated colonies into the greatest nation in the world.


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