Where are all the Nativity sets. Local Walmart has none. Went to Family Dollar and none there. I have all ways been able to purchase nativity sets at these stores.  Contrary to polular belief this is a religious holiday and part of this holiday is to allow Christians to enjoy this special time of the year.  If it offends individuals then that is unfortunate.  If a person truly does not want to participate in this holiday then let them get up early on December 25th, get dressed and go to work  just like any other work day.  However, if that person wants to enjoy the time of the season then welcom to my world.  When I lived in Saudi Arabia I respected the Muslim holidays and religion and did so with all the respect accorded the populace.  If I had lived in India I would have done the same for the Hindus and the same for the Buddist had I liven in Japan and…… well you see the point.   What has gone wrong with our country. Dang!


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