Note:  This article will run in the Farmerville Gazette, next week,  Farmerville, Louisiana, USA.

It’s amazing how world events can change so drastically in only a week.  In 1812 the battle of New Orleans was fought over a week after the war had ended.  Notice of the peace treaty had not reached the combatants.   Today communication of world events take place as quickly as a person can type and this information is then transmitted at the speed of light.   This high speed communication not only allows the world access to world events, it also allows governments to make quick decisive decisions at a moment’s notice that could ultimately change the course of nations.  This is what happened last week and continues today.

Last week the most immediate critical international event that threatened a disruption to world economics and peace was the Israeli- Palestinian conflict in Gaza.  I spoke of the unprecedented leadership displayed by the Egyptian president Mosi.  A member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mosi was first feared as a leader that when assuming power would cancel the Israeli peace accord and turn Egypt into a fundamental Islamic state.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a fundamentalist organization that was first founded in Egypt and then banned by Egypt’  past president Hosni Mubarak.  Following the Arab Spring that launched democracy throughout much of the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood was elected to lead the country.  Apprehension was felt throughout the Western World as Mosi assumed power.  Then when Israel struck at the terrorist Hamas leadership and prompted a rain of missiles to fall on Israel, it was Mosi that offered leadership for peace.

President Obama dispatched Secretary of State to Israel and eventually Egypt to show that the power of the United States was backing the attempt for a negotiated peace.  Since Hamas is identified as a terrorist organization and the United States refuses to negotiate with a terrorist organization, Egypt was left to negotiate the cessation or military actions with Hamas.  This was seen as a noble gesture, a moderating element in the Middle East and a leader in the region.  Had Israel moved into Gaza the Israeli government and military  would not have done a half baked job. Scenes of the many casualties would have been transmitted around the world as economic markets would have been shaken and thus Black Friday would have taken on a new menacing meaning.

Last week I spoke of bright spots in the world and the moderate leadership the Mosi led political party dprovided was highlighted as a pleasant surprise.  This is now quickly changing.  The meeting with the United States officials and the Egypt led negotiations added legitimate power to the Muslim Brotherhood.  There is no hint of any promises or conspiracies between the United States and the Muslim Brotherhood but the mere existence of formal agreements between the two governments has emboldened the Mosi administration.  The ink was still wet on the negotiated cease fire between Israel and Hamas and Clinton’s plane had hardly touched down when Mosi made his sweeping changes within Eqypt.  He feels empowered.

Mosi and the Muslim Brotherhood has made a sweeping power grab within his own country.  He has basically stripped the judiciary of its’ legal rights.  This would be similar to the president of the United States stating that the Supreme Court is no longer empowered to perform with the same power provided by the constitution of the United States.  He was referred to as a modern day Pharaoh.  The original Pharaohs were identified not only as a country leader but also as a God.  While this is stretching the true meaning of what Mosi is displaying, it does show that he is moving to declare himself and the Muslim Brotherhood as a dictatorship and displays the absolute power Mosi desires.  Protests exactly like what took down the Mubarak regime are now taking place in the heart of Cairo.

The United States is facing another dilemma similar to what we have observed in Syria.   The rights of an entire population to live in a free and democratic country are being denied.  So what do we do?  This is a very delicate situation.  In Syria we have not taken a leadership position and thousands are dying while America is not viewed in any type of leadership position.  It will be interesting over the next few weeks to see what leadership role the United States will take.  Peace and democracy in the Middle East is at stake and our ability for the world to live with freedom and respect will be impacted by the decisions of our government.

I love Egypt and the rich history of the country.  There is a lot of respect from me for the population and I plan to visit and experience this culture first hand.


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