The following article will appear in the Farmerville Gazette Oct. 24th, 2012.

As I write this there is one presidential debate remaining. By the time you read this that debate will be over and the analysis of what was said and who won will be in full discussion. While all the rhetoric is educational at best and distorting at worst, It is now time to make up our minds and vote.
Within the next two weeks we will know who our next president and vice president will be. Choices and topic analysis are varied as we are constantly reminded in the press. In many cases the choices provided for difficult issues are extremely different; however, one thing is constant, every citizen of the United States has the right to vote for the candidate they feel will lead the country in the best direction with the best leadership.
There was an old proverb that could have been associated to the turn of the 19th Century. This proverb states, “God created man, But Samuel Colt made them equal.” While some may think this as blasphemous it can parallel an important doctrine of our great nation. This doctrine is one man, one vote. Our founding fathers strived to reinforce the doctrine that all men are created equal. It doesn’t matter the color of a man’s skin nor the size of a person’s bank account nor if the person is 18 or 80; when a person closes the curtain behind him and casts his vote that vote is just as powerful as anyone else’s vote. This one part of a democracy is what makes all men and women equal.
Millions of men and women have sacrificed life, limb and mind to insure that we have a right to maintain the ability to vote. For 250 years the youth of our country marched into harm’s way to maintain the values we so cherish. Freedom is not free. There is no better way to thank those that preserved our country than to go to the polls and vote. Voting not only allows a person to cast a ballot for a person or an issue but the person casting the vote is reinforcing an important virtue of our great country.
When we elect our next president, regardless of who it is, there is an un-daunting task that will be presented to him. This task is to heal a divided country and bring closure to rifts between two powerful political parties. This is no easy job and this will not come easily nor quickly. It will take leadership that is focused on a resurgence of American respect in the world and a country that is benevolent to its’ citizens and encouraging our youth and citizens to take the risks that will continue to grow our nation.
When I go to the polls on election days I ask how the turnout is going. Its interesting to see how our community views different elections and how the turnout is affected. I don’t care how the vote is going, I’m interested in how many citizens are turning out to vote. On Tuesday November 6th I will be out there bright and early to cast my vote and I hope to hear that we are experiencing record turnouts. No better statement that reinforces our commitment to our country and allows a person to cast their vote that the country is moving in the right direction or that the country needs to make a change. See you all on the 6th.


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