Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Jist ran across this on FaceBook. What a wonderful grass roots movement. You can check it ou by going to facebook and look up Tommy Fields.

ok so once i moved to shreveport i have noticed that we have so many hospitals here and all i can think of is all the ppl in those rooms that have no one to talk to so im thinking its time to do something maybe lets get together and spend 30 min of our time at least once a weak to stop by to someone that never has anyone stop by just to say hello and let them know that they are never alone and god is with them even if they feel they have no one else with them i am seriously thinking about starting a movement for the ”forgotten sick” and it will deal with just ppl that seem to have no support and a simple hello and smile could mean the differance in a life

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