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It is now less than ninety days until December 21st.  This date normally identifies to us that winter has arrived and signifies the shortest day of the year.  The next day, on the 22nd, we get two more minutes of day light and life begins to witness a new beginning as the rays of the sun remain with us longer each day until June 21st.  This year has been identified as potentially the most dramatic Solar Equinox ever witnessed by mankind.   Last March we visited the theory of the Mayans and the end of their calendar as the 13th Bak’tun come to an end on December 21st.  While many people give credence to these prophesies;the most this represents is mysticism and for the most part provides enjoyment to those that like to speculate on what the future has to offer.  The Mayan’s of Mexico and Guatemala had a special interest in astronomy and an uncanny knowledge of our solar system and the cycles of the night sky.  This knowledge led to their calendar’s development which abruptly ends on December 21st, 2012.  The theory of the world ending has led to marketing advertisements on television that for the most part are totally incorrect.

While the Mayan end-of-the world is the best recognized  doomsday theory, there are other beliefs that the world will end around the same date.  Some of these will follow.

In 1998 the Indian guru Kalki Bhagavan claimed that 2012 will be the deadline for human enlightenment.  Bhagavan has a following of over fifteen million people and he is believed to the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu.  He believes that 2012 will mark the end of the  Kali Yuga or degenerate age.  The Hindu Kali Yuga period is identified as a period of time when rulers levy taxes unfairly, do not promote spirituality or protect their subjects and people migrate to countries that will provide food.  During this period humans will display animosity for each other, people have thoughts of murder and see no problem with it, lust is socially acceptable, drink and drugs are widely used, sin will increase and virtue will disappear, vows are taken and quickly broken and gurus (Hindu holey leaders) and no longer respected.  According to Bhagavan, this is to end in 2012.

Daniel Pinchbleck developed a New Age concept for 2012.  He linked the December 21st date with crop circles, alien abduction and his own revelalations; much of which came from hallucinogenic drugs.  He developed the notion that “materialism and the rational empirical worldview that comes with it has reached it expiration date” and we on the verge of transitioning to a new age.

The theory of a geomagnetic reversal ( reversal or our north and south poles ) has been suggested.  While this would cause a major disruption in our lives it is not plausible.  Pole reversal has taken place but it takes between 1,000 and 10,000 years.

Solar storms have also been discussed and there will be solar activity predicted soon.  These storms may happen in 2012 but they will not be great and the only interference will be minor for communication satellites.

While everyone has some thought about what is really going to happen on December 21, I feel that this will be like the 2000 New Year prophesy when we watched to see if our computerized world collapsed due to internal clocks not being able to handle the year 2000.  The most we witnessed were beautiful displays of fire works from around the world.

For fun, I have come up with my own synopsis for doomsday.  Do I believe it will happen; no, but it’s fun to speculate.  The economies of the world will begin to crumble.  Oil prices soar and people transition from purchasing goods and services to purchasing gas and oil.  New ticket item sales plummet and layoffs take place.  A stressed government prints more money to pay for social programs and inflation grows leading to further plant closings.  World governments no longer have trade markets in the United States and a world recession ensues.  Israel launches surgical strikes on Iran and terrorist groups strike at western interests in a frenzy like we have never witnessed.  The world edges closer to war.

Of course this is only a vivid imagination and my true prediction is that the leadership of the United States will prevail over all crisis and December 21, 2012 will be a date that will be looked back on with amusement.

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