Over the past year we have looked at actions happening around the world that were leading to democratic governments throughout the Middle East.  We looked on as governments fell and free elections were held and we watched as the United States led from behind in countries such as Libya and now Syria.  And now we watch as our embassys are attached, the flag of the strongest country in the world is burned and an American ambassador and his entourage are murdered.  Now we hear that a film is the leading culprit and no other reason is behind these despicable acts of violence against American property and to a lesser extent other Western countries.

This is a complex issue and many aspects of foreign affairs have led to the situation we are in today.  Unfortunately, it is far more difficult to control escalating violence that we are currently encountering  to day instead of taking measures in the past that would have eliminated or provided insight into what was coming so that pre-emptive measures could have taken place.

The Muslim community is very sensitive to any negative depiction of the holy profit Mohammad.  A Scandinavian cartoonist depicted Mohammad in a negative light and caused the Mid-East to ignite.  A book that declared that Mohammad was a false profit led to death sentences from religious leaders in Iran and the writer was forced into hiding in the UK for fear of his life.  The recent movie by a sickened producer depicting Mohammad as a womanizer and anything but a profit is said to be the reason for the recent attacks on U.S. embassies abroad.  While this may be the fuse, it is not the only reason for the violence around the world.

The film definitely ignited many unemployed, under educated individuals in many of the Arab countries.  But it was not the viewing of the movie that led to this furor.  The majority of the protesters probably never heard of U Tube where the moving trailer ran, nor saw what was portrayed..  Instead it is self serving terrorist groups that used this to stir up the masses to attack the embassies and thus do the work that would lead to violence and the anti Arab cries in the West.  This then undermines the recent legitimate elections in the new democracies.  Case in point, the attacks in Benghazi, Libya forced the American Ambassador to flee.  He was then ambushed as his car left his safe house.  This was well coordinated.  To have an assassin waiting at the exit point took knowledge of where the house was and how the Americans would respond to attacks on it’s embassy.  It was calculated and well planned.  The protesters were simply provoked by the assassins to attack the consulate and became dupes in this heinous crime.  It is now being identified that the perpetrators in Libya were actually members of deposed and dead leader, Khadafy’s organization and would like to see the new democratic government fail.  Egypt is no different.  Protesters that led to the current democracy were college students desiring a true change.  Protesters today in Cairo are uneducated, unemployed youth looking for a thrill.  Some were even paid to protest.  The 200 protesters don’t speak for the eighty million that live in the country but they have the ear of the media.  We also hear of protests in India.  This country is totally non-Islamic and it’s dislike for Muslims is quite well known.

While the movie itself, ill conceived and full of misrepresentations,  is still a part of our core freedoms provided by our founding fathers and our government does not need to either appologize for its‘ release nor the movie’s content.  Freedom of speech is allowed and is protected by our constitution.  Instead of apologizing the government has the responsibility to explain the workings of our constitution and that the content of an individual’s thoughts are not to be suppressed.  As unfortunate as the movie is it is the  thoughts of an individual and no way depicts the views of the government of the United States of America.

Now for one last thought.  What happened that allowed these powder kegs to erupt.  Where was our intelligence community.  Have we been lulled to sleep thinking that  warm fuzzy Khumbaya  session with groups determined to destroy our country would allow us to become overnight friends. Did no one put together the explosives of 9/11, emerging western governments in Islamic countries and a stupid low cost movie and then realize that was the recipe for a powerful explosive.  If our foreign policy is to appease and not display  power and leadership and to buy our way to friendship, then we are doomed as a leader of the free world.

What would Teddy Roosevelt have done.

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