While I am sitting at home waiting for Isaac to hit I think back at other Hurricanes that I have experienced and what my parents went through.  I’m  250 miles from the coast but we occassionally get socked.  This mey the most dramatic.

My parents lived in South Louisiana in the 1930s working in the Oil Patch.  The house they rented was owned by a couple that could only speak Cajun French.  They were told of a massive hurricane that came ashore.  The next morning women were found dead….hanging from trees by their long hair.

Then there was Camille.  It slammed Gulf Port, Mississippi.  What use to be miles of motels turned into a desolate land of nothing for years.  And of course Katrina devastated historic New Orleans and again the Gulf Coast.  My niece and her mother were in Tulane Medical Center for surgery and had to endure the hurricane and then later a flooded city.  And there were others but this time it is really my turn.

The eye will finally reach us tomorrow.  Being on the East side of the eye of the storm we will see the most catastropic weather.  But there is also a silver lining to this.  We have been in the throws of a dreadful drought.  This will be over within the next 24 hours.  The Mississippi River is so low that barge traffic has been slowed due to low water.  Hopefully this will also end.

So here I sit waiting on Isaac to make a call on small Farmerville, Louisiana.  The rain should begin in a few short hours and for me this will be the most dramatic hurricane to ever hit us, not because of wind but because of the rain.



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