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When I was a child my mother would tell me how amazed she was and how fortunate we are to be here.  In a person’s lineage there was so much that could have gone wrong that could have kept us from becoming a member of the human race.  We should be fortunate just to be here.   So many things have happened over the last 2,000 years that have lead to our own birth that we are indeed fortunate to be here.  My close friend tells the story of his father getting ready to deploy with his marine platoon during WWII.  Despite protests from his father, an administrative error kept him stateside.  And the marine platoon landed on Iwo Jima.  He ended up married to a navy nurse who later delivered four wonderful children.  We should really take time to reflect on life and appreciate the mere fact that we are here.  Then take a moment to appreciate that we live in a country such as this and in a time that is so special as now.

There are continual debates as to when life actually begins.  Theologians from various religions state that life begins at conception.  This is also the belief of many biologist who feel that any mammalian life begins at this time.  Other philosophies provide compelling arguments of their own.  The embryonic view identifies at a time in an embryo’s formation when twinning can not take place as being the beginning of life and this is about fourteen days into an embryo’s development.  The neurological view provides an explanation that life begins when the embryo begins to have brain activity.  This is about 24 to 27 weeks into development.  Another view is that life begins at birth.  Prior to the child breathing air and living outside the mother the embryo is not alive.

The debate of when life begins has gone on for generations and needless to say will continue as long as man remains on Earth.  When we mix science with philosophy there will always be debate; regardless of the subject.

I am a believer that life begins at the time the cells begin to divide and the miracle of life takes place.  Regardless of my own belief, life will continue to go on and it is so very precious, regardless of the TV shows and action games.  Perhaps instead of stressing over the things in our daily life that we can not control we should take time to celebrate our mere existence and give thanks that we are sitting here today in a country that may not be perfect but is so much better than anything else on our planet.

In 1950 my mother and father left Carson Valley Nevada and moved back to Farmerville.  He had been attached to an Army Reserve Unit in Nevada where he had been a Company Commander.  In 1950 communication and tracking methods were quit archaic as compared to today.  By the time the Army caught up to my father in Louisiana his unit had been mobilized and was sitting on the Korean Peninsula.  A replacement took over the Unit and he remained in Louisiana.  Eighteen months later I was born.  Life is precious.

In 400BC a famous physician lived in Greece.  He was so revolutionary in his treatment methods that today Medical Doctors take the Hippocratic oath that was written by the Greek Hippocrates.  One of his teachings states,  “I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly, I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. Hippocrates, 400 B.C., Greece


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