Over the years I have been fortunate enough to visit and live around our world.  Even though I considered the place I layed my head to be home I all ways knew that I would return to my roots and considered Farmerville to be my final resting place.  There’s just something about these hills of North Louisiana that calls you home.

But what is it about our community or for that matter small town America that makes it more appealing to be here rather than in a more urban environment.  The cultural benefits are more prevalent in the larger cities as are other parts of a high paced life and that may be  one of the reasons we opt for our smaller communities.

The life style if definitely less stressful and people tend to spend more time helping their neighbors and supporting the community instead of distressing from a long commute while attempting to acquire a more materialistic life.  The company I work for has achieved phenomenal growth and individuals have relocated from some major metropolitan areas around the country.  One thing that surprised and delighted me was that the new members of our community prefer the lifestyle we offer in North Louisiana.  Larger metropolitan areas such as Shreveport and even Memphis and New Orleans and Dallas offer the large city benefits and these are within easy striking distances for a week end road trip, but for a day to day living experience nothing beats small town North Louisiana.

When I first returned from Saudi Arabia a young man needed a bone marrow transplant.  Friends set up a marrow screening and announced it would take place at a local church’s family life center.  So large was the turn out that the screening organization met its entire regional quota in one day.  This is one example of small town America’s benevolent attribute.

Do you want to witness Americana at its best?  Our recent fireworks display shows what a community can do to promote itself and the crowning glories of rural America rests in the numerous festivals that accent the culture of the community.  For us Corney Creek, Mayhaw and Watermelon all deliver memories of fun, friendship and community pride.   Countless hours of community service are required to make these community activities a success.  Visit the Watermellon Festival the end of this month and see this spirit at its best.

If I want to savor the taste of Oysters Rockefeller and all trappings with its delivery I’ll head to New Orleans or if I want to see a major league baseball game then Dallas is on the radar but it I want to live a wonderful day-to-day life, give me good ole Union Parish.

Now for a quick note on Syria.  We have looked at the country and how it is sinking into revolution.  Finally, after months of destructions and thousands of innocent deaths the United States is taking a hard line and is offering veiled threats of military interdiction.  While this is welcome it is unfortunate that the words had not come earlier and possibly forced an early exit of the current regime.  The President of the United Nations has announced that his peaceful attempt to end the crisis has failed and has thus set the table for international intervention.


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