Today I watched the History Channell and all the WWII documentaries.  How dynamic.  Then it showed the end of the war and how everyone was welcome home and I was foreced to think back 36 years and remembered the end of Viet Nam.  The other day I saw a documentary of Viet Nam, WWII, Korea and Vicory at Sea being sold at CVS.  I sat there and thought to myself how much I resented anyone profiting from Viet Nam.  After all these years I felt like a camcer victim; this war was private and belongs to me.  Where was everyone when it ended.  Why was my material supervisor in Saudi Arabia spit on when visiting Washington to enjoy the capital and monuments he had just defended as a Recon Marine.  How dare anyone decide all of a sudden that Viet Nam is worthy of a profit.  I couldn’t believe that this bubbled up in me after so long.  For 20 years I could never go to see a Viet Nam movie, not because I pulled a tour over there but because the people that would protest the war and decree that America is not worthy to live in were now profiting from my experience.  Sorry for the vent and I want ot wish everyone, expecially the Viet Nam vets a very happy 4th of July.  If you are American this our day.


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