The attorney general is alway closely aligned to the President and this was no more apparent than Bob Jackson and FD Roosevelt.  In 1938 Harvey Fields delivered to Jackson a case that led to the Louisiana Scandals.  Fields was the Federal Prosecutor for the Western Region of Lousiana.  The final indictment was for 200 state officials to include the Governor and President of LSU.  Two men committed suicide.  Field was concerned that the case wouold be swept under the rug.  La Governor Leche was extrememly close to FDR and even adjourned the La Legislature, took it to Dallas and reconvened it in Dallas when FDR visited the city.  Fields build the case on mis-use of WPA funds and developed the use of using the mail as a means to defraud, thus pulling in the Feds.  To insure that justice would be served, Fields close friend James Noe leaked the story to Drew Pearson who broadcast it in his column, Wahsnigton Merry Go Round.  FDR had to prosecute.  In 1940 Fields was not re-appointed to his position despite every congressman requesting it, members of the La Bar and prominent lawers requesting it.  As for Attorney General Jackson, he was waiting for his appointment to the Supreme Court to be approved so he definately would not rock the Roosevelt boat.  So, Holder is not the first to be in close with a president but he is the first to be brought up on charges. Had this happened in 1940, nothing woudl have been said.

A book has been published that chronicles the life of Harvey G. Fields.  It is called, “I Called Him Grand Dad.  the Lost Political Papers fo Harvey G. Fields”

A movie overview has been prepared for the book.


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