Posted: June 25, 2012 in thomas t fields jr.
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While in Army Officer Candidate School I was taught that leadership, for them ost part, is learned.  Leaders are made, not born.  If this is true then there has been  quit a bit  of learned behavior in the communities of Union Parish.

The past 150 years displayed this in the political scene as well as community leadership to turn and then maintain a series of towns in Union Parish into hubs that people wanted to live in.  Nothing is more apparent than the leadership that led to the awards recently received by Farmerville and Marion.

To be selected as the cleanest city in the state in a specific size category is no small effort.  To have two of the cities in different categories come from the same parish is un-precedented.  The importance of this accomplishment may not be fully understood until it is put in the context of the Toyota plant that was to be built in either North Louisiana or North Mississippi.  On a final inspection, Toyota noted the litter on the roads and stated that if a community can’t take care of it’s garbage how can they take care of a new plant.  The first Camrys built in its new Tupelo, Mississippi plant rolled off the assembly line this year.

The leadership to receive a prestigious honor such as the cleanest city competition begins at the top and then permeates through individuals within the community.  The vision of our two Mayors, Baughman and Franklin, set the stage for these accomplishments.  In addition to their guidance a lot of praise resides with the residents of the communities that took the initiative to make their home towns gleam.  This is the type of individual initiative that leads to sterling communities.

We need to build on our recent success.  There are so many different aspects to a community.  Education, Health and Welfare, After Work Activities, to name a few, are key parts of any neighborhood.  All form the fiber of a successful place to live.  Lets build on our successes and continue to improve our life styles.  The leadership is definitely there and the initiatives do not have to be large and grandiose.  It is said that if we can’t do great things then do small things in a great way.

Next week lets take a look at the Egyptian elections, what the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power means to America and what is the Muslim Brotherhood.


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