In the late 1960s Tom Laughlan starred and produced a movie called “Billy Jack”.  Billy was half Indian, former special forces and a martial arts expert.  He also epitomized what was good in the world.  In one scene he was surrounded by thugs that worked for a crooked leader in a  Southwestern town.  The crooked boss walked into the circle of men that surrounded Bill Jack and proceeded to tell him that he was about to be beat.

Billy Jack looked at the unscrupulous man standing in front of him and he said, “There is one thing certain.  I am going to put my right foot in your left ear and nothing on this earth is going to stop it from happening.”  And that is exactly what he did.

This reminds me of the country of Israel.  They cause no trouble, they are very industrious, a leader of technology, welcome Jewish immigrants from around the world  and is the keeper of important sites in the Christian religion.  But let someone threaten them and they become Bill Jack.

In 1967 Egypt expelled UN observers in the Sinai desert that separated Egypt from Israel.  Israel didn’t wait to be attacked.  Israel launched a pre-emptive attack against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq.  Six days later the war was over and Israel had expanded its borders. We aren’t talking about a huge country in the middle of the Middle East.   Louisiana is about six times larger than Israel.  With only eight million residents it is not a Goliath in population.

In 1973 Egypt and Syria launched an attack on Israel.  I remember loading the 782 gear as our small SeaBee unit at Memphis readied to deploy.  It never happened and twenty days after the war began it was over.  Egypt had enough and became the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty and recognize Israel as a country.

A raid that is surely as impressive as the Navy Seals attack of Bin Laden was the Israeli raid to free hostages in Entebee Uganda.  There was only one commando killed and it was the commanding officer.  He was the brother of the current Prime Minister of Israel.  This raid was so impressive that a made for television movie was made as was a major documentary.

Then in 1981 Iran and Iraq were at war.  Saudi Arabia was supportive of  Iraq as Iran threatened the countries of the western Persian Gulf.   Saudi allowed the United States to fly special electronic surveillance aircraft, AWACS, from bases in its border.  Iraq was building a nuclear reactor with the intent of building a nuclear bomb.  On June 7th jets took off from bases deep in Israel, flew across southern Saudi Arabia and bombed the reactor site.  It is said that the AWACS were tracking the planes before they left the ground and Saudi knew it but of course denied any knowledge.

The point is, Israel does respond when threatened and it is threatened today.  Iran is dedicated to Israel’s destruction and it is working overtime developing the nuclear bomb.  This week the ambassador to Israel made it very clear that they will not tolerate Iran with the bomb.  Secretively, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Gulf area will secretly welcome the time when the reactors disappear. It is not a matter of if they hit Iran it is a matter of when.  The Israeli  Ambassador to the United States said that it is time for the United States to stop speaking softly and begin using its big stick.  The next year should be quit interesting.


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