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On July 4th 1776 a group of men declared that the thirteen colonies of the British Crown located on the North American Continent were now independent and had the right to make its own laws, engage in commerce, have its own standing army and grant life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to its’ residents. This was the birth of the United States of America. The spirit that build this country continued and led to expansion of this nation by direct procurements such as the Louisiana Purchase by Jefferson and Alaska by Seward. We also expanded by use of the sword in such areas as Texas and California. Our country endured a paralyzing four year long civil war that we still celebrate in all parts of the country as a part of our heritage. Through all of the ups and downs, hardships and triumphs, births and deaths; the people of this country molded it into a place where dreams could come true and a person had the opportunity to excel in life. Following the American Civil War our country moved west and opened up the plains for agriculture, crossed the mountains to harvest the great forests and mine the valuable metals that exposed themselves in the creek beds of Nevada, California and other states in the west. While America was growing geographically we were also allowing the people to experiment with new methods for commerce. This led to industrial growth and encouraged more growth. At the same time that the United States was developing its own unique culture, Europe was still locked in its own stifling rules that thwarted growth. The yokes of central rule and feudal oppression kept creative opportunities from developing. Europe viewed the United States as a great agriculture experiment and a second rate nation. We had not been accepted as a world leader. Enter the second birth of America. By the end of the 1800s America was feeling a great nationalistic pride. While many Americans believed that the United States should not be involved in the international arena, many felt that it was manifest destiny to be a leader and to lead the world into a new and better place to live. This was fueled by newspaper moguls such as William Randolph Hearst and hawkish leaders like Teddy Roosevelt. When the time was right Hearst stirred the country to a fervor while Roosevelt built his cavalry of cowboys, Indians and New York elite. The table was set and the United States liberated Cuba and the Philippines by soundly defeating noble Spain and thus the United shocked the world and entered into its second birth. The ideals of imperialism were beginning to wane. Today we hear of gloom and doom when we look at our country. Amid flag burnings, high unemployment, federal regulations and deficits we have a tendency to feel that our country is becoming a second rate nation. Instead we need to look at the good fortunes that we are blessed with. We are still the financial leader of the world and despite decreased funding for our secondary education centers, we still offer the best education to anyone that wants to learn. So instead of fretting over the idled manufacturing plants in the rust belts of the north and thinking in terms of xenophobia, lets dedicate our country to a new rebirth. Build on what we have, be innovative in our future, unshackle regulations that smother creativity and then have the world envious of us and want to partner with the United States instead of hoping to watch us destroy ourselves. This will take leadership, forward looking approaches and working together as a nation and not viewing the country with only biased political eyes.


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