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The world has witnessed the overthrow of major dictatorial factions over the last year in the Middle East. Referred to as the Arab Spring, we have witnessed Algeria’s turn to democracy, the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Yemen’s dictator being deposed, Libya’s brutal ruler being captured and summarily executed and now Syria’s internal strife that is leading to genocide in several cities. While the mid-east is in turmoil and the oil supplies remain in peril, a once vocal opponent of American capitalism has been silent for quit a while. The dictator is Simon Chavez and is the “president” of Venezuela and an active member of OPEC.

While many think that OPEC is composed only of the wealthy oil countries of the Mid-East, it also has Venezuela as a member. Chavez has been quit outspoken about the capitalistic government of the United States. He is personal friends of Fidel Castro of Cuba and has praised his leadership. Chavez nationalized the American Oil Companies that operated in Venezuela and used Citgo to offer low cost heating oil to America’s poor as a ploy to gain acceptance in America of his socialistic style of government. He has duped influential Americans to visit his country and they consider him to be a friend. On February16th Sean Penn was his guest and Chavez proclaimed in a press conference with Penn in attendance that no country would tell him where to sell his oil. This was an obvious snub at U.S. led sanctions against the brutal Syrian regime.

Iran has aligned with Syria and provides support to the country. If the government of Syria falls the revolution could spill over into Iran. Iran also has close ties to Chavez and thus a strong alliance between two major oil producing countries exist. They have the ability to cause havoc in a slowly growing world economic recovery.

This isn’t Chavez’s only alliance with the Mid-East. He had partnered with Hussein of Iraq, Khadafy of Libya and Bouteflika of Algeria; all of whom have been deposed..

So the stage is set for a very challenging year for the American State Department. Iran is speeding toward a nuclear bomb and has declared that Israel must be destroyed. Syria, an ally of Iran is murdering their own citizens as a revolution is developing. Chavez is now flexing his muscles and providing support to both Syria and Iran. Israel is now planning an attack on Iran’s nuclear reactors and America is stuck trying to figure out what it will do to stop the nuclear threat while at the same time keep Iran and Venezuela’s oil production from wrecking the world economy.

Last Sunday the President of the Unites States strongly stated that the country is solidly behind Israel and lambasted the government of Iran. There have been recent strains between the present administration and the government of Israel and this the strongest support of Israel in three years. This speech clearly closes the divide and firmly puts the United States behind one of our most loyal allies. Was this speech an attempt to sway the Jewish vote to the Democratic party or was it a pointed message to the government of Iran and it’s rogue supporters. I would like to think that it is a warning to the world that the United States is behind its ally in preparation of a preemptive strike from the Israel Air Force. Now, the big question remains as to what Venezuela will do and how many of our American icons will show up in Caracas to display support for Chavez.

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