Posted: January 22, 2012 in WORLD EVENTS
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In 1917 Czar Nicholas II was deposed as the head of Russia It is believed that the Communist then took over control of the government. In fact the people of Russia overthrew an oppressive government that had lost touch with the people they ruled and replaced it with an interim government that consisted of intellectuals. While they wanted to do what was best for the country the new government fell short of expectations and the time was right for a government that appealed to the general population. Enter Vladimir I Lenin the father of the communist party. This party stayed in power until Ronald Reagan and the capitalistic United States caused the government to collapse.

What is commonly called the Arab Spring is happening today. The Arab Spring are the changes that are going on in the Middle East. It began with the fall of the Tunisian government followed by Egypt. Revolts in the streets began in Yemen and Bahrain and Libya fell. Then Yemen fell apart and now Syria is on the verge of collapse. This series of revolutions was spawned by the fall of the Iraqi regime due to the intervention of Uncle Sam and the United States Military.

While we sat in our homes watching this unfold on CNN and Fox and being complacent with the knowledge that the brutal regimes have fallen; other forces were playing behind the scenes.

Tunisia had their first elections as Khadafy of Libya was being executed. While we feel a 40% turnout is good for an election in the United States, Tunisia’s first election garnered votes in the 80% range. The outcome was somewhat surprising as a moderate Islamic government came to power. Following the fall of Libya’s oppressive regime, reports of Al Qaeda being a part of the down fall have surfaced. Now in Yemen Al Qaeda has gone so far as to take over certain parts of the country. Our thoughts of democratic countries popping up across the Mid-East are starting to fade. To exasperate this, Afghanistan is showing signs of leaning toward Al Qaeda and the Taliban. France announced that it is considering pulling its troops out of the country two years early. Our enemies are smiling and biding their time until foreign troops are gone.

The United States State Department is in a difficult position. Does the United States do nothing and then due to no support the new leaders will finally be deposed and a more militant anti-American regime will come to power much as what happened in Russia. On the other hand the United States can be quit visible and vocal and appear to control the government. This will lead to contempt for the United States. How we handle these transitions is very important. We need to be viewed as supporting but not controlling. Let’s hope we get it right and not allow a world of terrorist to be formed spouting anti-American rhetoric.


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