Posted: January 17, 2012 in SAUDI ARABIA, Uncategorized
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Can’t believe it was 21 years ago today.  I laid in my bed and finally got some sleep.  I knew the war would begin tomorrow.  At two the phone rang.  It was Lew Stroble, and Engineer for Meridian, Missisippi.  “It’s started Tommy,” he said.  “Naw, it’s going to happen tonight”, I said.  “Tommy I’m telling you it has started”  I rolled over and looked at the clock.  “How do you know”, I said.  Listen to the sirense.  The the panes have been taking off for 15 minutes.  “Are they going out in two’s or threes,” I asked.  “They are tearing out of here like bats out of hell one after the other.”  And thus I entered my second war.  Happy anniversary to the many Aramcon’s that kept the oil flowing to the free world.

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