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2011 has been quit a year.  We are digging out of the deepest and broadest recession since the 1930s.  It is an agonizingly slow recovery that has new twists to the economic development not experienced in past recoveries, but this recovery is now taking place and will gain momentum in 2012..  The one definitive item that could derail this recovery is the lack of leadership in the world to make the hard decisions to keep the recovery on track. 

2011 saw the end of the war in Iraq.  I was living in Saudi Arabia when Saddam Hussein invaded Iraq in 1990.  Thirteen years later my son entered Baghdad with the 2nd Calvary.  Finally, in December of 2011 the last American troops convoyed our of Iraq and into Kuwait enroute to an appreciative United States.  The troops are gone and controversy exists as to whether we left too soon.  The day following the last troops departed the Iraqi Shiite president ordered the arrest of the Suni vice president for alleged hit squad actions.  

2011 witnessed one of the worst draughts since the dust bowl days of  the 1930s.  This subsided in November when life giving  water began falling and December witnessed above normal rain fall.  January of 2012 will provide us with the insight as to whether we will be returning to a more wet and thus agricultural climate. 

We are even seeing signs of subtle changes in the politically correctness phenomenon that has been tugging on the moral and social fibers that made our country so unique and great.  Wal Mart announced that they would greet customers with Merry Christmas.  A soap opera told the story of Christmas and used the word “Jesus” three times.  Schools allow a prayer prior to a football game by allowing someone to “say a few words”.  These subtle changes scream acceptance of what made our country great and ushers in a more acceptable culture.  Expect more in 2012. 

While we have had a quite tumultuous 2011, the signs point to a much better 2012.  This will lead to a better future for ourselves and our children; that is unless the world ends.  Some religions state that no one knows when the world will end.  Other ancient cultures and people have prophesies that not only tell of the end of the world but hey also identify the exact date.  Over the next year we will take a look at some of these prophesies.  This investigation will look at only the prophesies and will not involve individual interpretation.  It will be presented as a point of enjoyment to the readers.  I do intend to be at Chitchen Itza, religious center of the Mayans, on December 21st, 2012.  No, I don’t believe the world will end then but what an experience to be at the religious center of the Mayans and watch the serpent descend great pyramid on the winter solstice when the two thousand five hundred year old Mayan calendar ends. 

Wishing everyone a most Happy New Year and looking forward visiting with you in 2012.


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