The Navy SEALS had been playing the Dhahran Clippers every Wednesday for the last two months.  Following the game teh players were treated to a meal by the Clippers.  Curt, the senior SEAL NCO approached Loren Schoenholts, manager fo the Clippers and asked if they could sponsor all the SEALS to Thanksgiving. The Clippers and families all over Dhahrana and Al Khobar welcomed members of the SEAL team into their homes for a home cooked meal.  Tom Fields, Clipper Catcher, discovered that a fellow football player at Navy Memphis had graduated from Annapolis with the SEALS Lt Commander that had brought the first detachment into Arabia in August.   Captain Ray Smith took picture of Fields and Rich Hunter cutting up the Turkey.  “No one in the States would ever believe we spent Thanksgiving like this.”  Over 85 SEALS were fed following a softball game.  About 20 went to Jubail to see President Bush who had flown in to spend the Holiday with the troops.  Additional food was sent back to Half Moon Bay to feed the guards that could not attend.  Smith went back to the states after Desert Storm, was promoted to Admiral and became the head of all SEALS.  While the Clippers were feeding the SEALS other families around the Eastern Province were bringing families into their homes to give a semblance of peace prior to  the inevitable.

  1. Linda Adams says:

    We were in Dharhan at Thanksgiving. A handful of people were selected from each platoon to go see President Bush’s speech. I was one of the people selected — my squad leader picked me because I wasn’t going to embarrass him by telling off the President (there was someone else who didn’t go because she would have!). As it turned out, it was a spot in the distance — a lot of people there.

    Because he was there, we had a feast that day. After meals that repeated every three days, it was the best food we’d eaten. The one thing I remember was seeing these Mars bars scattered on a center table, and I was just grabbing handfuls. They were like gold!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi, I’ve posted a comment on another one of your post,… I’m. It sure if your are aware but they are planning or wanting to make a museum. They have a Facebook page called National Dessert Storm War Memorial and wanting stories about people and their experiences during the gulf war. O wanted to let you know If you wanted to share your blog or one of your amazing stories. I shared mine but it was from a teenagers perspective.

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