Monroe, Louisiana, United States of America ( November 24, 2011 — Thomas T, Fields has two books that will appeal to the History Buff for Christmas. “I Called Him Grand Dad, The Lost Political Papers of Harvey G Fields” and “Desert Burning” are available at Amazon.

“I Called Him Grand Dad” covers the tumultous political history of Louisiana and the Nation from the turn of the century thorugh the early 1960s. Individuals identified in the book include Huey and Earl Long, Franklin Roosevelt, Jim Farley, Richard Leche, Semour Weiss, William Jennings Bryant, Robert Jackson and many more. Over 100 private political letters are included.

“Desert Burning” is a historical novel that covers a period that starts 1 month before Iraq invaded Kuwait and ends a month after Desert Storm ended. The author was living in Saudi Arabia during this time and he captures the period and looks at the war from the lives of the civilians that kept the oil flowing during the war.

Both books are available from,, and

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