As we sit down to Thanksgiving meals and give thanks for the abundance that we so much enjoy in America, the Middle East is beginning to reach a new boiling point. The Syrian regime is on a downward spiral and riots are starting again in Egypt while Tunisia has elected an Islamic fundamentalist government. Earlier in the year the Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak was overthrown and was replaced by military rule with a guarantee that there would be free elections. These elections are scheduled for November 25, but there is concern in Egypt that the military may not relinquish control to the elected officials. This has prompted riots in the center of Cairo just as what happened months ago to overthrow Mubarak. We can only hope for a speedy and orderly transition of power following the elections. Syria has been slowly moving toward the overthrow of the current dictator. This is now increasing with riots taking place in the center of Damascus. The army is becoming more understanding of the rioters and the Arab League has proposed sanctions against Syria while the King of Jordan has asked for the head of Syria to step down. Turkey has stated that there is no place in the Mediterranean Region for authoritarian leadership. Powerful words from a country in such close proximity to Saudi Arabia and Jordan. While Syria is on the verge of Civil War, Tunisia took to the polls in free elections and selected an Islamic fundamentalist government. This is quite a disappointment as it was hoped that Tunisia would become more liberal; however, with an eighty percent turn out the people of Tunisia freely determined their future. While this has not been in the best interest of the United States, by the Unites States not asserting any power on this new democracy we may be able to develop an ally with both countries being tolerant of each others religious beliefs. With the increasing momentum for change in the Middle East, there is an even larger issue that is brewing that threatens the financial and political stability of the world. Iran may soon have a nuclear bomb and all the power and terror that goes with it. While the United States is pressing for sanctions, Israel is preparing for surgical strikes that will eliminate the threat to their own country. Sanctions have never led to the results they were intended to deliver and Israel knows this. In the 1980s, Iraq was well on its’ way to completing facilities that would lead to the construction of a nuclear bomb. In one well coordinated strike, Israel destroyed the sites and everyone in the Middle East breathed a sigh of relief. Any military strike on Iran will send shivers to the rest of the world but Iran is rogue and there would be little or no repercussions from other counties. On the other hand, let Iran develop the bomb and then hit Israel. The world would then fall into chaos as world armies would descend on Iran and the Muslim countries would have to decide to fight against Iran the aggressor, or on the side of Iran the Muslim brother. This Thanksgiving take the opportunity in a moment of quiet to ask for true peace in world and a speedy change to democracy for the oppressed countries of the world and ask that the leaders of the United States have the wisdom and leadership to make the right decisions. The year 2012 will prove to be very pivotal in the history of our world.

  1. Mindy says:

    Just what I was searching for, thanks for putting up.

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