Desert Storm 21 Years Later:  The world was in a war frenzy.  News stations continually carried the stories of the preparation for war.  National Guard units were being mobilized.  The 527th  Combat Engineers was being readied for mobilization.  Work continued in Saudi Arabia.  The 82nd Airborne Championship Softball Team called Dhahran and challenged the Dhahran Clippers to a game.  The Division’s band performed from the stands and one of the largest crowds to witnesses a softball game in Dhahran showed up.  Average age:  82nd Airborne early 20s.  Dhahran Clippers 39.  Clippers won by 6 after moving the outfield to play in the infield and the infield moved to the outfield for an inning in te middle of the game.  The 82nd Players were treated to a steak supper at the home of Loren Schoenholtz, Clipper’s pitcher and co-founder.  As a note:  The 82nd “B” team defeated the Dhahran “B” league representative.   

  1. Linda Adams says:

    We met 82nd Airborne the day before the ground war started. They stopped by our battalion and ate lunch with us. The next day, we saw plane after plane after plane flying overhead, heading into Kuwait. Then we heard the artillery.

    The scariest part was when it stopped.

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