It seems that we are experiencing a multitude of decisions by our country’s leaders that are put into action just in time to prevent a major catastrophic event from impacting our great country.  Planning and insight is giving way to crisis management.  Adversarial decisions are based more on political correctness than what is best for the nation.  While we live in a cyber world full of snap decisions derived from information delivered at the speed of light, true leadership requires the ability to provide guidance and direction based on foresight with understanding of how the future is impacted on decisions made today.  It is imperative that our leaders plan for how our world will be ten or twenty years from today.  We must take a good look over the horizon at where we can be in the future.  While the western world lives in a pressure cooker that views corporate profit on a quarterly basis,Chinaviews success at what will be several generations into the future.

 This unique individual that has an understanding of the what the future can be, does exist today but it will take a change in our culture for the full impact of this leadership to be realized. 

 In the early 1930s Union Parish was a very rural parish with few paved roads.  The economy was quit impoverished and in the middle of the throws of the Great Depression..  Construction of the Louisiana Mill inBastropbegan in 1924 and by 1930 it was in full operation and thus required pine timber for its’ operation.   Union Parish had the timber but these trees had to be trucked to the closest bridge inMonroeor to dangerous ferry’s across theOuachita River.  The Louisiana Public Service Commission was approached with a recommendation and it then realized that a bridge connecting Union Parish with a road leading to the Louisiana Mill could be a major financial boost to the Parish andNorth Louisiana.  In 1931 a bridge was built across the Ouachita and this became a major contributor to the commerce of Union Parish.  Additionally, Chemical Plants and later a vibrant community flourished at the base of the bridge.  Many Union Parish residents found employment at these facilities.

 This foresight of leadership was again witnessed several years later.  In an attempt to increase the commerce of Union Parish and especially Farmerville the Corps of Engineers was petitioned to dredge D’Arbonne Bayou from theOuachita Riverto a port near Farmerville.  This never came to fruition and the great financial benefits were never realized.

 This is the type of  leadership missing from our country today.  We must look farther than the next quarter, the next year or the next election so that we can leave a country of growth and prosperity for the children that will inherit the land of their fathers.


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