In a previous article I introduced you to Tom O’Rourke who I worked with inSaudi Arabia.  I had also noted that it takes a certain type of individual to not just go to the Middle East but live and enjoy the experience.  There are two unique individuals that I would like to introduce to you that definitely fit this mold. 

When I first arrived inArabiain 1978 I was assigned to the Dhahran Construction Organization.  Our purpose in life was to take design packages and write contracts and go to the field to construct what the design required.  My Senior Project Manager was named Louie Rotter.  He was a large raw boned very knowledgeable hard working but extremely friendly and outgoing individual from England.   He had been inArabiafor many years and was well liked through out the community. 

 When we needed surveying work performed in the field we would use a survey company that had offices provided by ARAMCO.   These were located next to the offices Louie and I worked in.  The leader for the surveying contractor was a German named Hans Kozinski.  Hans was short, quiet and in accordance to the German work ethic, was very detailed oriented.  He too was very pleasant and was intellectually inclined.  He lived inCairowith his Egyptian wife.  He was the epitome of the true expatriate that Hemmingway wrote about so many times.  Hans, like Rotter, had been inArabiafor many years and enjoyed the work.

 When we needed survey work, Hans always came through with the layout and he and Louie worked very well together as would be expected of a successful team.  Then one day I heard a very unique story about the two.  I had spent four years in the Navy and then two years in the Army National Guard and Hans enjoyed talking to me abut my military experiences.  Finally I understood why.

 Louie was not a native of the United Kingdom.  He was from Hungary and had escaped from there when the Nazis invaded his country.  Louie made his way to England where he joined the military and became a pilot in the RAF, the Royal Air Force.  He was sent to the island of Maltain the Mediterranean where he was assigned to photographic intelligence with the mission to take pictures of the German forces  in Italy.  Hans was a pilot for the Luftwaffe.  When Germany moved into Italy he was sent to the north of the country with a German photographic intelligence unit and was assigned to take pictures of the British forces on the island of Malta.  They were taking pictures of each other.

 Now here is the parallel I would like to make.  If two sworn enemies that were doing everything to destroy each other can sit down and find a common ground to work from and finally become friends, can’t our rival political parties come together to rebuild the economy of our great nation.



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