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Today, theUnited Statesis no longer free from outside influences. These influences  could cripple theUnited Statesto a point that we would be rocked to the very fiber that bonds us together as the most formable country in the world.  There are two very diverse countries that pose a distinct threat toAmerica.  Both are distinctly different and pose significantly different types of threats but both are equally dangerous. 

In the Mid-East we find that the ancient country ofPersia, currently calledIranis continually trying to destroy theUnited Statesby supporting terrorist organizations that strive to do physical harm to our country.  Hamas is funded byIranand has now admitted that it has sent fighters toTehranto be trained by the revolutionary guard.  Their aim is to inflict the greatest destruction onAmerica’s staunchest ally in the Mid-East,Israel.  This week President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, will speak at the United Nations.  It would not be surprising if he used that forum to announce the release of two American hikers who got lost and were arrested in the Iranian mountains and subsequently found guilty of espionage.   This will be done to gain a positive appearance to the world for a country that states the holocaust never happened, a country that is set on the destruction of Israel and a country that has lied to the United Nations and is very close to producing its’ own nuclear bomb.  IfIrandoes initiate an assault on tinyIsrael, theUnited Stateshas no option except to throw it entire military against the aggressor. Iranis also a major backer ofSyriaand we all understand the human rights violations that are taking there today. 

The second country to pose an urgent threat to theUnited Statesis being much smarter and much less confrontational thanIran.  “It are not using missiles and guns and troops, instead it is using economics and today it is winning the war.”  I used that same scenario over twenty years ago when I was writing a Masters Level paper and I was referring to the fall of the Soviet Union and how we had brought down theUSSRby strangling them economically.  Little did I dream that in a few short years I would see the same destruction happening to my own great country by The People’s Republic of China. Chinahas exploded onto the world front and has now quietly posed the greatest threat to theUnited Statessince the fall of theSoviet Union.  If we do not get our economy into shape very soon we will be witness to the fall of the greatest nation in the world and the ultimate rise of a Communist Country that took the place of theUnited Stateswithout firing a shot. 

Let us all hope and pray that our national leadership understands the consequences of decisions that they are making today.


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