Operation Desert Strom:  21 Years Later.  ARAMCO had evacuated all family members that wanted to leave.  It was a sad experience to see busses from all three ARAMCO communities converge at the Kings Road complex and wait to convoy to the Dhahran Air Port.  Wives and children sat quietly, many with tears in their eyes as they were being  taken out of harms way.  The situation handled was very professionally and I stood as fathers said good by to their families while no one knew what was coming.  The numerous Greyhound sized busses finally roared to life and departed leaving many a male worker alone for the first time in his marriage.

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, reading your post bring back many memories!!! I lwas a teenager and lived in Ras Tanura, and during that time. My mother, brother and i were evacuated on a charter plane, it was a very orderly but very unsure time, I remember wondering if I would ever see my father again. I remember the stewdess telling us, the food was limited on the plane, and the military had drank all the liquor on the flight to saudi, lol! I remember landing in Houston,everyone one the plane claping and cheering, and being told not to talk to the press, OMG I had never seen so many people from the media!!! I have such fond memories (of coarse I was a child), and great memories if the military, mostly the marines after the war started!!!

    • Michelle, I am so glad you enjoyed. I remember the evacuation like it was yesterday. I came in from Abqaiq and went to the snack bar and there were busses coming in to convoy to the air port. Touching moment. Remember the fathers saying good bye to the wives and children. I wrote a book, Desert Burning, and had a section of the book that covered that day. Really a proud time for America. How long were you over there. I played for a softball team called the Dhahran Clippers and we played up in Ras Tanura quit a bit.

  2. Michelle says:

    I lived in Saudi Arabia most of my childhood, my dad worked for Aramco from1982-94. We lived in abqaiq for a very short time, udialyiah (how ever you spell it, lol), and RT over the years. I was in Saudi during summer break from boarding school when Kuwait was invaded, Shortly after the invasion I remember seeing/hearings fighter jets (probably Saudi military) flying all day, we thought something serious was happening or they were doing a lot of training, then the next morning we were on the beach and saw a few military ships close to the shore, after learning what was goinon we were so worried that our camp was going to be invaded, we didnt have much faith in the secruity guards, hahaha. I plan on ordering your book, and look forward to reading.

    • I arrived in Saudi in 1978. They hired me right out of college. I too left in 94. Great experience and do on occasion wish I could go back for a visit. Dubai has really changed. Back when tourists were not allowed in Dubai the softball team I played for was brought in on construction visas to play in the softball tournament. So really great times.

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