Trains loaded with tanks were seen at night moving north from Hofuf in the south of Saudi Arabia to the north toward Kuwait.  Saudi Arabia immediately denied any movements so that they  would not be seen as provoking any military action from Iraq.  TV news hinted that Iraq had nuclear weapons.  ARAMCO realized that its’ employees were becoming uneasy about the rumors of Chemical warheads so a British Officer came to speak to the company.  Video tapes were passed out to all organizations.  He stated that there was no way Iraq could attack Saudi with missles.  Planes with special air to air missiles would be the first line to intercept the Iraqi missiles called SCUDS.  Then Marine units with their anti aircraft missiles would then be engaged and then US Army Patriot batteries would get what was left.  Also, he said that with our electronic sophistication the Iraqi’s would most likely never get a missile off the ground.  We would find and destroy them before they launched.  Everyone bought the story.  ARAMCO and other Americans in the Eastern Province were traveling into the desert to find American Troops and pass out drinks, magazines and even took radios from their homes to give to the troops.  An outpouring of support never before seen at a potential war front.


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