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Remember when we were kids and life was simple; when the everyday life of stress was not present.  How many times have we said that it would be great to live in a much simpler time when life was easy and we seemed so much happier.  Well, maybe we need to think about this.

In 1928 Huey Long was elected governor and life couldn’t have been any simpler.  American was no longer a great agricultural experiment but had become a leading nation in an emerging economic world.  The problem is that the state ofLouisianahad less than one hundred miles of paved roads.  It would not be until the early fifties that Union Parish could brag that it was one of the first parishes in Louisianawith all of its’ states roads paved.  And prior to the Huey Long era children had to pay for their test books and most children ate a cold potato on the school steps for lunch.  Maybe this really isn’t the simpler times we long for.

Perhaps a little closer to where we are today would be a little more to what we are looking for.  The fifties and sixties may be the exact tie frame that we are looking for.  Phone service was in the majority of the houses but to get a call across the country a person had to get the call placed with a live operator and the operator would work with other operators to get the call placed.  As late as the early 1980’s it took two days to schedule a call fromSaudi ArabiatoAmerica.  We had increased our life style to a point that a major part of the population had air conditioning; however, this was primarily a large window unit that cooled a single room. Nice but was this really the dream time for living.   It would be a while before central air was the norm.  Also, we trade the stress of today for the stress of not knowing if we would be alerted by sirens that a major strike from theSoviet Unionwould soon end the world as we knew it.   

By the 1990s we had our first glimpse of the internet.  Perhaps that would be a simpler life to live in.  We had good roads, the working environment was very comfortable and we could call across the country without the aid of the operator.  The cell phones had not become readily available, text messaging didn’t exist and internet speed was measured in kilobytes and not megabytes.

Now let’s look at what we have today.  When my grandfather was in the hospital with his life ending stroke, he was kept comfortable and charged $25.00 a day at Norris Booth Clinic.  Today the cost is in the thousands per day but it is nothing less than magical with what is done to a human when they enter the hospital.  We have instantaneous communication and a vehicle without air conditioning is unheard of.  Large meals are no longer required to be made at home and can be purchased at any corner at any time of the day.  We communicate from wireless phones and  send pictures at the speed of light.  Dick Tracy’s fiction is with us.  So why are we so stressed and wishing for a simpler life.

Perhaps is it is more of how we view our world and what we make of it that is causing the stress.  I propose that we depressurize and look to life as a gift given to us to enjoy.  Turn the cell phones off for one hour every day and forget the texting, calls and all that goes with the new technology.  Eat at least five meals a week as a family at the dining room table with television and radios turned off.  Take time to walk with the one you love experience life to its fullest.  Look at how good things, forget the negatives and smile.  Then get in your car drive out onto the paved road and ask yourself if living in a much simpler time would actually be better.


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